“FDNY Dream Bike”

The FDNY Dream Bike was created to honor the memory of FDNY firefighter Gerard “Biscuits” Baptiste who killed in the line of duty on 9/11. Assigned to Ladder 9 in the East Village of Manhattan, Gerard, a former officer in the US military earned his nickname as he carried dog biscuits in his pockets to feed the dogs while talking with the women of the neighborhood. As a tribute to Gerard, several members of his company carry biscuits in their pants pockets while on duty.









During the summer of 2001, FDNY firefighter Gerard “Biscuits” Baptiste purchased a used 1979 Honda CB750 motorcycle. Despite the advice of his fellow Ladder 9 firefighters/motorcycle enthusiasts, he bought the bike for $100 and stored it in the back of the Engine 33/Ladder 9 firehouse with plans to restore it for use as his first motorcycle.  Following his line of duty death during the 9/11 tragedy, a Ladder 9 member decided to restore the bike in Gerard’s memory. What followed is truly an amazing story - over the course of 15 months with the support of his fellow FDNY members, motorcycle enthusiasts, Backroads Magazine, American Honda, a motorcycle restoration shop in New Jersey and financial support from corporations, the bike which was in deplorable condition was completely restored to the pristine condition shown above. This truly unyque bike is shown on display in the FASNY Museum of Firefighting in Hudson, New York.

This impressive artwork was created by FF Kevin Duffy

of Ladder 9 to honor the memory of the 10 firefighters lost on 9/11. In addition to being painted on the gas tank of the FDNY Dream Bike, it is also displayed on the boom of Ladder 9’s tower ladder, as a tattoo several members of the 33/9 house have, on the firehouse floor and in a hand carved plaque presented to the firehouse by a woodworker from Minnesota.

The artwork features several symbolic aspects including the cross (faith in a higher power), the 343 (to honor all the brothers lost that day), the hose & pike pole (“tools of the trade”), two helmets (signifying the companies represented) and 10 roses (one for each member lost from the 33/9 house).

Information about this unyque motorcycle was obtained from the video FDNY: Dream Bike.