Brookhaven Town (NY) Firemen’s Museum

Dedicated to the 28 FDNY & 5 NYPD members from Suffolk County lost on 9/11

Brookhaven Town (NY) Firemen’s Museum

Memorial Garden

Merrick (NY) FD Firefighters Memorial

Dedicated to the memory of Ex-Chief Ronnie Gies (FDNY Squad 288), Ex-Captain Brian Sweeney (FDNY Rescue 1) lost on 9/11 & Ex-Chief Kenneth Smith lost on  6/26/82

Point Breeze (NY) VFD Firefighters Memorial

Dedicated to the 4 members lost on 9/11 while serving as FDNY firefighters

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum 9/11 Memorial

Located at the end of Pier 86 in New York City (12th Ave. & West 46th St.), this 3,000 lb. section of steel was recovered from the rubble of Ground Zero. Consisting of two 12’ high I-beams connected by a crossbeam, it is dedicated to the role the USS Intrepid served during 9/11 and the following weeks.

On 9/11, the New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation located at 7 World Trade Center was destroyed in the attacks. Within hours of the attacks, permission was requested & granted to utilize the USS Intrepid as a temporary field headquarters where 500 FBI agents worked around the clock fielding 500,000 phone calls while managing the massive investigation. In addition to acting as a command & control center for the FBI, the USS Intrepid also supported FEMA, state & local emergency responders.   

This memorial monument was dedicated on November 7th, 2009 by government officials, museum staff & Marine Cpl. Aaron Mankin of Arkansas who was badly burned while serving in Iraq. This dedication coincided with the commissioning of the USS New York, an amphibious landing platform constructed with 7.5 tons of recovered WTC steel built into it’s bow.

In addition to being dedicated to the service of the USS Intrepid, it also remembers those lost from the many companies & organizations that supported the musem in its’ mission, all the lives lost on that fateful day as well as honoring those who since that day continue to defend America.

Suffolk County (NY) 9/11 Memorial Garden

Dedicated to the memory of 178 county residents lost on 9/11

Shanksville (PA) 9/11 Memorial

Dedicated to the memory of all those lost on 9/11 including Flight 93, the World Trade Center & the Pentagon

Breezy Point (NY) 9/11 Memorial Plaza

A private beachfront memorial dedicated to the memory of numerous members of the Breezy Point/Rockaway Point community lost on 9/11

USS New York  9/11 Tribute

Dedicated to the members of NYC’s emergency services lost on 9/11 at the World Trade Center

Hempstead (LI, NY) Memorial Garden

Dedicated to the memory of departed members lost in the line of duty including those on 9/11

The members include FF Brian Fahey of FDNY Rescue 4 who suffered a LODD on Father’s Day 2001 as well as FF Durrell “Bronc” Pearsall (FDNY Rescue 4) & FF Michael Kiefer (FDNY L132) who were lost on 9/11

FDNY Engine 4/Ladder 15 9/11 Memorial

Dedicated to the memory of the 14 members lost on 9/11

Glenn Winuk/FDNY 9/11 Memorial

Dedicated by the Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation in honor of their partner Glenn Winuk, a Long Island volunteer firefighter/EMT lost on 9/11 while assisting at the WTC. This memorial is also dedicated to the 343 FDNY members lost that day and those who continue to carry on.

FDNY Engine/Ladder 10 9/11 Memorial

“The Ten House” located opposite the World Trade Center has several monuments. The center photo shows the plaque dedicated to the memory of the company members lost on 9/11. Located along the outer wall of “The Ten House”, the FDNY 9/11 Memorial Wall features a highly detailed etching featuring the name, rank & company assignment of all 343 FDNY members lost on 9/11.

Battalion Chief Fred Scheffold

FDNY Battalion 12

Monument erected by the Village of Piermont (NY)

Ocean City (MD) VFC Firefighter Memorial

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