Anne Arundel Alarmers Association

Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Established in 1958, 40 active volunteers provide canteen support services to emergency service agencies within Anne Arundel County & surrounding counties through established response & mutual aid agreements as well as to any state agency upon request. The Anne Arundel Alarmers respond to well over 100 incidents a year ranging from multiple alarm fires, mass casualty incidents, drills & fire service events such as the burn foundation motorcycle run.

Coffee Wagon 1 (CW-1) - 2009 Pierce Saber/Custom Products Co.

While at first glance this may appear to be a mobile command post, it is in actuality a fully equipped, self sustaining mobile canteen unit. Custom designed to meet the AA Alarmers unique needs, this “kitchen on wheels” is designed to support rehabilitation efforts at large scale or prolonged incidents. Visible on the driver’s side is the access door for the bathroom module (complete with an air operated fold out step similar to those used on the Quantum chassis) and the compartment for the water cooled 33KW marine on-board generator designed to meet all current and future power needs.  

Coffee Wagon 1 (CW-1) - 1989 Oshkosh/Ranger

Dedicated June 18, 1989 in memory of several founding & long time members, CW-1 served faithfully until being replaced by the 2009 Pierce detailed above. Custom built by Ranger Fire Apparatus, it featured full kitchen capabilities, a 6 gallon on-board water heater, 12 KW generator, air conditioning, TV and an EMS area in the rear portion (this was eliminated on the new CW-1 to provide added space more suitable to the association’s mission). This rig was also the first to have a bathroom incorporated in its’ original design.

Coffee Wagon 1 (CW-1) - 2009 Pierce Saber/Custom Products Co.

Entering service on March 14th, 2009, CW-1 within two weeks responded to it’s first two runs within three hours!! It was officially dedicated on July 12th, 2009 in memory of Louis “Al” Brandt, a co-founder, charter member and the first president of the association with a plaque mounted in the crew cab. Visible from the officer’s side is the roll-off awning for weather protection, two serving windows complete with a fold-out shelf as well as a compartment with a self serve soft drink dispenser.

Custom designed by Custom Products Co. of Hammonton, New Jersey (a supplier of mobile food service vehicles), CW-1 offers a fully equipped, self sustaining “kitchen on wheels”. Viewed from the rear portion of the walk-in body, it is equipped with a 22” grill, 2 burner stove, 4 bin steam table for serving soup/stew, overhead & floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets, TV monitor, a three person bench seat (which can be converted to storage space), side by side refrigerator/freezer units, a three bin sink, a pre-loaded coffee maker (capable of making 60 cups with the flip of a switch), a “soda gun” plumbed to the outside self serve dispenser and microwave ovens. To get an idea of what the Alarmers provide to the emergency services, consider this - in a three month period in the summer of 2009, they provided 147 service hours at 9 incidents supplying 10 dozen doughnuts, 400 sodas, 19 cases of water, 6 gallons of lemonade and 261 hot dogs!!!    

Located in an outside access compartment on the officer’s side rear of the body is this self serve soda dispenser. A “soda gun” is also located inside the kitchen .

A bathroom module complete with on-board water tanks for the toilet and waste water systems provides support during prolonged incidents. Accessible from the outside of the vehicle, it provides increased privacy and functionality, a welcome departure from the previous CW-1 (seen below) which had the bathroom facilities located on the interior.  

An interesting fact about the Anne Arundel Alarmers Association is that they are supported entirely through their own active fund raising including pancake breakfasts, auctions, etc. 80% of the cost of the current CW-1 was paid for by the association with the state government contributing the remaining 20% of the funds needed.

The Anne Arundel Alarmers also operate Coffee Wagon 2 (CW-2), a 1999 International/Grumman/Yaissle Body Fabricators step van designed to operate at smaller incidents.