Truck 431 - 2000 Pierce Dash 105’/2000 gpm/500 gal.

Having replaced a 1975 Seagrave/LTI 85 foot ladder tower, this rig features Pierce’s “All Steer” allowing increased maneuverability in tight spots. Equipped with seating for six each with intercom headsets, it features a 15kw hydraulic generator, four telescoping 1,500 watt floodlights (front & rear), and a heavy duty ladder with electric remote lighting at the tip, a pre-piped waterway and a 500 lb. tip capacity while flowing 1,000 GPM at any angle or elevation. Its’ equipment compliment includes over 180 feet of ground ladders, two 1-3/4” pre-connects, an 1-3/4” trash line and an “apartment pack” with 3” supply line connected to a gated wye for cross lay deployment.

Heavy Rescue 451 - 2005 Pierce Lance

Equipped for vehicle extrication, confined space, trench, water & high angle rescue, this rig packs quite a punch. The front bumper features a Hurst combi tool for operating in close quarters in busy traffic situations. The 22” raised roof cab seats 8 FF’s s and features large EMS compartments and a command workstation in the crew cab. The 23.5’ tandem axle walk-around rescue body is equipped with high intensity scene lights on all four sides, a six head light tower, four cylinder cascade system with booster pump & dual fill station. Power is supplied through a 30kw hydraulic generator with four 200’ electric reels, an air compressor with two reels and two Hurst Trimo power plants through six Hurst reels with remote dump valves powering a full Hurst rescue tool system. A rear mounted 12,000 lb. winch, portable 9,000 lb. winch with receiver plates on three  sides, special compartments for trench/confined space rescue equipment and a slide out folding stairway to access rooftop storage compartments rounds out Rescue 451’s impressive features.

Abingdon Fire Co.

Harford County Company# 4

Established in 1926, Abingdon’s volunteers provide Fire, Rescue & ALS level EMS protection to Abingdon & the Willoughby Beach area of Edgewood.