Antique - 1929 REO Speedwagon/Waterous

Fully restored, this rig still runs and pumps!!

Antique - 59 Studebaker/H&H Fire Apparatus 

This classic rig is maintained in all original condition - the generator, floodlights and siren all still work!! Operated into the early 1990’s as the department’s heavy rescue, it was later sold to a local farmer who used it for remote power. Upon his passing, his wife returned the truck to the dept. (hence the missing FIRE DEPT. portion of the lettering). At 55 years old, this rig has only 9,204 original miles!!

Antique Hose Reels

While not actual former AFD apparatus, these hand drawn 1800’s era hose carts were used as on-site fire protection for the Bell Estate (a common practice among estates on Long Island in colonial times). After the estate fell into disrepair and burned down, these two rigs (along with another yet unrestored hand drawn hose reel) were donated to the department to preserve their history. These have been restored and are on display in the firehouse using racks with casters to prevent damage to the original wooden wheels when being transported.

Brush 9-2-5 - 1990 International 1800S/LI Brush Trucks 500 gal.

Originally delivered as a “dually”, it was converted in-house to single rear tires - this feature coupled with its’ short wheelbase makes it much more maneuverable than larger 5 ton “stumpjumpers”. It features front and rear mounted winches, one booster & two pony length attack lines, 100’ of 1-3/4” for exposure protection and tire inflators allowing use on the beach. The rig was upgraded with LED warnings lights for increased visibility when responding (motorists particularly those from New York City visiting the neighboring Hamptons don’t always recognize this as a fire truck!!)

Rescue 9-2-9 - 2005 Freightliner M2/American LaFrance 350 gpm/500 gal.

This “wet rescue” (a rarity on Long Island) is designed around the department’s “one rig handles it all” concept - with their members responding POV to the scene, the department simply responds with this rig and fire police (traffic control) to handle motor vehicle accidents. Featuring a 350 gpm pump with two 150’ 1-3/4” pre-connects (one set-up for foam), it is equipped with a total of 4 pre-connected Hurst extrication tools (spreader/cutter on both the driver & officer’s side), an additional cutter and rams, air bags, K-12 & Cutters Edge saws, two SCBA and a 200’ rear mounted booster reel.

Special thanks to Asst. Captain Chris Beckert for the invitation to photograph Amagansett’s rigs, positioning the apparatus and providing background history on the department and its’ operations. In addition, thanks are also extended to Captain Ted Page for his hospitality and assistance in providing specs on the apparatus.