Amityville Fire Department

Organized in 1905 with the merger of three fire companies operating since 1886, its’ volunteers provide Fire, Rescue & EMS protection to the Village of Amityville. 

Engine 1-1-2 - 2011 Ferrara Igniter 1500 gpm/500 gal./30 foam

Seating 8, it is equipped with an around-the-pump foam system, 10 kw hydraulic generator & back-up camera. Paying homage to the Mack CF engine it replaced, 1-1-2 sports the original Mack Bulldog complete with light-up LED eyes and the word DAUNTLESS illuminated in the front grill.

Ladder 1-1-5 - 2011 Ferrara Igniter 100’ Mid-Mount/1500 gpm

Entering service in 2011, this rig replaced a 1981 Pierce Arrow 85’ rear-mount ladder tower. Seating 8, it features an angled rear roof for over-the-cab operations, a 500 pound rappel arm on the platform, blue LED rung lights, one crosslay, a 10kw hydraulic generator and two electric cord reels.









Engine 1-1-4 - 1989 Pierce Lance 1500 gpm/500 gal.

Engine 1-1-4 is adorned with artwork in remembrance of Hose Co# 4 member Pete O’Neill who was lost in the Word Trade Center attack on 9/11 while working as a civilian.

Engine 1-1-6 - 1976 Mack CF 1250 gpm/500 gal.

Rescue 1-1-15 - 2010 Spartan/Marion

Assigned to Dauntless Engine & Hose Co# 2, this compact rig was designed to navigate tight streets within the district. It features memorial artwork in remembrance of Ex-Captain Richie Brooks who suffered a LODD while acting in his career capacity as a township bay constable.

Fire Police 1-1-7 - 1995 Grumman

Assigned to the Fire Police squad, this rig is equipped for traffic & crowd control duties.