Annville Fire Department - Union Hose Co.

Organized in 1912, Union Hose Co. provides Fire, Rescue & EMS protection to Annville Township. Thirty active volunteers answer an annual average of 800 alarms (500 fire, 300 EMS) with a varied fleet of apparatus, all with their own unique story.









Rescue 5 (“Main St. Express”) - 1999 Seagrave/Saulsbury

Originally serving the Berwyn Heights FD in Maryland, this rig was involved in a roll over collision and was purchased by a gentleman in nearby Lancaster County who took this on as a restoration project (he had never restored a fire truck before, let alone a damaged one). After successfully repairing it, Rescue 5 entered service with Annville in 2004. It is equipped with a six man walk-in box, a light tower, 6,000 PSI cascade system and an Amkus Ultimate rescue system including three cutters, two spreaders & three rams.

Truck 5 - 1983/1991 Mack/Baker 75’ Aerialscope

Serving its’ third career in Annville, this rig originally served the FDNY as Ladder 12 and then the Deer Park FD on Long Island, New York as Ladder 1-4-10. Still bearing the original artwork and logo from Deer Park’s Ladder Co. 4 (“No Fire Too Great, No Rescue Too Tough”), this rig is slated for replacement in the near future. The department is currently looking at various manufacturers and has even considered switching to a “straight stick”.

Engine 5 (Hammerin’ Annville) - 1999 Seagrave 2000 gpm/750 gal./30A foam

This rig is equipped with an Amkus combi tool for forcing hoods at vehicle fires and the occasional “door pop”. The unique color of this apparatus came about during talks of forming a combined “safety department” which would have used a uniform color for both fire & police. Despite choosing a uniform color (shown on this apparatus), the proposed “safety department” never came to fruition, however, the department in the spirit of being a little different decided to keep the color scheme on this engine.

Special thanks to FF Mike Borrell & Lt. Phil Binkley for their assistance in positioning the apparatus for photos and providing background information on the apparatus.

Annville operates their entire apparatus fleet out of this five bay station.