Atlantic Beach Rescue

West Atlantic Beach Fire District

This agency is quite unique in that although it is chartered as a fire district, it does not operate any fire apparatus. Serving the barrier island community of Atlantic Beach situated between the Atlantic Ocean & Reynolds Channel, this volunteer squad provides primary EMS, surface water rescue, technical rescue & marine fire suppression to a two square mile land based response area. They also provide mutual aid support to neighboring fire districts encompassing twenty two miles of coastline including being the closest water rescue agency for any incident at JFK International Airport south of the Rockaway Peninsula. Serving a resident population of 3,300 with 15,000-20,000 daily visitors in the summer months, AB Rescue responds to 250-300 incidents annually.

AB Rescue responds from this modern station constructed in 2004. Bordering the heavily traveled Reynolds Channel, a controlled access dock with lift provides waterfront access       to the 28’ rescue boat that is kept ready for rapid deployment during the summer months. 

In addition to easy access to tools, the pull-out trays in the rear compartment allow a backboard to be placed across them for removal of an immobilized patient from the beachfront.

Rescue 363 - 1975 AM General (Ex-US Military)

Placed into service in 1999, it provides for high water evacuation during coastal flooding.

Capable of transporting up to 40 passengers, the rig can drive through 12’ of standing water.

Rescue 361 - Ford Econoline Transport Bus

With a seating capacity of 24, this rig provides a safe, climate controlled area for rescuers to don PPE. In addition to personnel transport, it also carries a rescue surfboard, rescue tubes, assorted lines, reels & tethers, wet suits, immersions suits & booties and BLS equipment including immobilization supplies.

Rescue 369 - Ford F-450 4WD/Wheeled Coach (ALS Equipped)

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Rescue 366 - 1999 Hummer/Rescue 1

The primary response unit for all water & technical rescues, it features a turbo diesel engine, on-board generator, 12’ light tower & 4WD for beachfront access. The 9’ rescue box is equipped with water rescue equipment (throw bags, life rings), a rescue surfboard, floating Stokes basket, assorted fire extinguishers, a combi-tool, rotary & reciprocating saws, ladders, full ALS gear & backboards.