Surf Rescue Equipment

AB Rescue also operates a Kawasaki jet ski for rapid response as well as 1980 4WD Jeep CJ7 equipped with a rescue surfboard, ocean kayak, rescue tubes and tethers. Just in case you’re wondering, the scooter is not a first response vehicle but rather a member’s private conveyance.  

Special thanks to Chief Neil Metz & member Murray Schaffner for their assistance with arranging this photo shoot and providing information on the agency’s operations.

36-M (Surf Rescue) - 13’ Zodiac MK III Grand Rapid Rigid Hull Inflatable 

Equipped with a 25 hp two stroke Mercury outboard motor, it responds first due for surf rescues with a crew of three (pilot, rescue swimmer & tender). When the 28’ rigid hull boat is removed from the water in the winter months, 36-M responds as the primary rescue watercraft.

36-18 - Jet Drive Fire-Rescue Boat

Retired in the summer of 2009 with the arrival of the 28’ rescue boat shown below, 36-18 features a 5.7 liter jet drive that can transport a crew of three (pilot, rescue swimmer & tender) at speeds of 30+ miles an hour. The jet drive power can be diverted to power an automatic Akron fire pump & remote controlled nozzle. It was first due to EMS, marine rescue & fire suppression incidents.   

3628 - 2009 Brunswick 28’ Rescue Boat

Placed in service in the summer of 2009, this 28’ rigid hull craft is equipped with two outboard motors that can reach speeds of up to 55 knots!! It responds first due to EMS & marine rescue incidents with a crew of three (pilot, rescue swimmer & tender) & can provide waterborne EMS transport to nearby Long Beach Medical Center. It is kept on a powered lift ready for rapid deployment at AB Rescue’s dock next to their station (can be seen to the right in the above photo). 









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