Bellerose Terrace Fire Department

Located in Nassau County on Long Island, the BTFD protects a 1.2 square mile response area (13 square blocks) bordering the NYC borough of Queens. Responding to an average of 120 alarms (including two working structure fires), 28 active volunteers provide Fire, Extrication and EMS first response. Their district consists primarily of 2 1/2 story private dwellings (closely spaced, balloon frame construction) situated on one way streets as well as the Cross Island Parkway, a major north-south thoroughfare that passes through both Nassau County (Long Island) and the Borough of Queens (NYC). Due to their district bordering Queens, the BTFD responds cooperatively with the FDNY on “line boxes”.

The BTFD operates out of a single station with two engines and a utility van. Due to their proximity to the Cross Island Parkway (within walking distance), the BTFD has “burglar bars” on their first floor windows to deter theft (note the decorative Maltese Cross in an effort to offset the look. 

Engine 111 (Retired) - 1993 KME 1500 gpm/500 gal.

Formerly responding first due to all alarms, this rig featured a unique cab seating arrangement consisting of two SCBA seats on each of the side & rear walls allowing for a total of 7 SCBA equipped seating positions (including the officer). In addition, the officer’s SCBA seat swiveled a full 180 degrees allowing for face-to-face communication with crew members riding in the rear. Retired with a non-operational motor, this rig was sold to a fire department in Washington State.

Engine 111 - 2010 Ferrara 1500 gpm/750 gal.

Replacing a 1993 KME, this rig is one of twin rescue pumpers which updated the department’s entire fleet in 2010. Responding first due to all fire, rescue & EMS first response calls, it is equipped with Hurst extrication tools, air bags, backboards & Stokes basket (stored in a custom compartment just aft of the crew cab), BLS medical gear including an AED & FAST equipment for mutual aid responses.

Engine 112 - 2010 Ferrara 1500 gpm/750 gal.

Responding second due to alarms, it is equipped to operate as a truck company until the arrival of a mutual aid tower ladder from neighboring Floral Park. Due to its’ identical design to Engine 111, it can be easily placed into service as the first due rescue pumper when needed.

Engine 112 (Retired) - 1987 Grumman 1500 gpm/500 gal.

Formerly operating as the second due engine, it was retired with the arrival of the twin 2010 Ferrara rescue pumpers and sold to a fire department in Pennsylvania.

Special thanks to Commissioner/Ex-Chief Don Kipp for his assistance in positioning the apparatus, providing specs on the rigs and background on the department’s operations. Special thanks are also extended to Chief Jerry Keating for his assistance with positioning the new apparatus & providing information on these rigs.

This monument was dedicated May 30th, 1950 to honor the 9 residents

of Bellerose Terrace who made the supreme sacrifice during their service

in WWII (1941-1945). 









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Copyright 2009 Tom Rinelli

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