Car 414 - 2003 Chevy/Krammes Kustom Body

Box 414’s primary response rig, it is equipped with roll-off awnings on both sides, a 7kw Onan generator, propane hook-up & a full mobile kitchen.

Car 417 - 1993 Chevy/Krammes Kustom Body

This rig gives new meaning to the term “porta-potty”. While speaking with BCFD members while picking up donations, Box 414 asked what more it could provide to further assist firefighters and the overwhelming response was the provision of restroom facilities hence the creation of this mobile restroom vehicle. Featuring a curbside roll-off awning, air conditioning and 7.5 kw diesel generator, it offers separate male & female facilities (two stalls & sink for women and a stall, urinal & sink for men).

Box 414 operates their entire fleet of special service units from the OldeTown fire station, an active BCFD station housing multiple companies including the mobile command post & AirFlex 2.









Car 415 - 2007 Chevy Suburban

Car 416 - 1979 Chevy/Krammes Kustom Body

Used for smaller incidents, this features a 7kw diesel generator.

Special thanks to Box 414 members 1st Vice President Walt Lemmon, President Joe Freund, Tommy Lake, Charlie Schultz, Marie Lemmon, Roger Katzenberg & Sam Katzenberg for their hospitality & assistance in positioning these rigs and providing background information on the association.

Organized in 1946, Box 414 was named for the fire alarm box number struck for the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904. Present day, 86 active volunteer members (including 4 retired BCFD members) provide rehabilitation support services to uniformed members of both the Baltimore City Fire & Police Departments. The association responds to all working fires during extreme heat/cold, automatically on all second alarms and can be special called by the incident commander at their discretion. In addition, they also provide support during training exercises, mutual aid responses and funerals including LODD for members of the BCFD, BPD & Box 414. The association is being   recognized for meritorious service in responding to every call paged out during two blizzards that struck the city during the 2009-2010 winter season.

The interior of Car 414 features full kitchen amenities including a sink with purifier, burners & bun steamer, coffee maker, a microwave, ice storage with 30 lb. capacity and a refrigerator stocked with “Freezie Pops” and frozen pre-measured coffee packs ready to perk. One of Box 414’s most welcomed amenities are the well known “blue towels” which are soaked in cold water & provided to emergency service members for relief from heat stress during rehab operations.

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