Brookline Fire Co.

Delaware County Station 35

The fire company was established in 1914 after a 7 minute meeting to discuss improving fire protection in Haverford Twp. In January of 1915, the company purchased 800’ of 2.5” hose for use on a “Spider”, a 6 man hand drawn hose reel loaned by Lansdowne. On March 15th, the first alarm ever was received at 4:30 PM for the “Blazing Chestnut Tree” on Kathmere Rd., three hours later, the second alarm was received at 7:30 PM...for the same fire in the same tree at the same location!!! In 1919 the first electric siren was installed & later supplemented in 1940 with a unique system developed by the chief whereby bells were installed in each member’s home. The first township ladder truck was placed in service with Brookline in 1930 & after 75 years, tradition was shattered in 2005 with the arrival of the first ever rear mount aerial (all previous rigs had been mid-mount).

Ladder 35 - 2005 Pierce Dash 105’/2000 gpm/500 gal./30A foam

Featuring an 8 man cab, it is equipped with four 200’ 2” attack lines, 600’ of 5” LDH supply line, 209’ of ground ladders, a thermal imager, four saws, four ventilations fans (two each, positive & negative pressure), Stokes basket and a 15 kw hydraulic generator. This rig was awarded 2nd place for “Best Appearing Aerial Ladder” at the 2009 Pennsylvania State Firemen’s Association Parade.

Brookline also operates a 2011 Pierce Velocity 2000 gpm/500 gal. rescue engine, 1995 Pierce Saber 1250 gpm foam engine & a 1998 GMC/American Eagle spill response unit.