Delaware County Station 53

Organized in 1923, Broomall’s 45 volunteers provide Fire & Rescue services to 11 square miles of Marple Township including a large stretch of Interstate 476 (“the Blue Route”).

Engine 53-2 - 2003 HME/4 Guys 1500 gpm/1000 gal.

Responding first due to vehicle/field fires, engine assists & mutual aid “cover-ups”, this rig is equipped with four wheel drive, 1,200’ of 5” LDH supply line, 200’ of 1” hose & a combi-tool.

Rescue 53 - 1996 HME/M & W - 300 gpm/300 gal.

First out for all rescue & haz-mat calls, it features a full complement of Holmatro rescue tools,

cascade system, 35KW diesel generator, light tower and 150’ of 1 1/2” attack line.

Engine 53-3 - 1994 HME/M & W 1000 gpm/500 gal.

This rig was created using a Grumman body re-mounted from a commercial chassis pumper formerly operated by Broomall.

Quint 53 - 2010 Spartan/4 Guys 75’/1500 gpm/650 gal./30A foam/CAFS

This rig features a 4” waterway, 20KW generator, two electric cord reels, a 100’ reel of twin hydraulic hose and a 150’ booster reel. Broomall also operates a 1999 HME/M&W 85‘ Snorkel which replaced a 1965 FWD/Hi-Ranger articulating platform.

Special thanks to FF Dan Rutledge, FF John Capuzzi & Lt. Stefano Matozzo for their hospitality

& assistance with providing background information on the department & its’ rigs.

Engine 53-3A - 1962 FWD 500 gpm/500 gal.

Kept in reserve, it is equipped with 1,000’ of 5” LDH supply line & can be special called as needed.

Traffic 53 - 2006 Ford F-350 Quad Cab

This rig is equipped to assist Fire Police with traffic control duties on local roads and the Interstate. Originally delivered in White with Red stripes, it has since been repainted to match the rest of the fleet.