Cliffside Park Fire Department

Established in 1895, fifty volunteers provide Fire, Rescue & BLS level EMS protection to the Borough of Cliffside Park. Their diverse response area ranges from private dwellings to commercial occupancies as well as a 26 story high rise condominium (for which a High Rise Taskforce assignment of 125 firefighters from 24 companies was used during a multiple alarm fire in February 2009).

Engine 3 - 2004 Pierce Dash 61’ SkyBoom/1750 gpm/500 gal.

Built with custom height raised handrails, the boom features an electric combination nozzle with assorted tips & a portable roof light at the tip. Equipped with an 8 man cab, it seats 7 firefighters with tool storage in lieu of the 8th seat and features three speedlays, a bumper line and a “dead load” crosslay.

Engine 6 - 1999 Pierce Saber 1500 gpm/750 gal.

Ladder 1 - 1979/2005 Seagrave/Cliffside Body 100’ Tiller

Formerly serving nearby Ridgefield Park, this rig was upgraded to NFPA compliance by a local body shop with the addition of a fully enclosed crew cab complete with rearward opening “suicide doors”. It was replaced in 2011 with a Pierce Arrow XT tiller funded largely through a FEMA grant.

CP-E - 2000/1974 Ford F-350/Emergency One 250 gpm/150 gal.

Featuring a re-mounted mini-pumper body, this rig responds first due for all extrication calls. 

Special thanks to FF Nick Vetro for his assistance in positioning the apparatus & providing specs on the rigs as well as FF Cosmo Parisi for the guided tour of CP-Mini 3.

Cliffside Park operates their entire fleet from this three story municipal complex which houses the borough offices, police and fire departments.

Click the photo to view Cliffside Park’s unique 1/16th scale replica of Engine 3.

Coming soon - Cliffside Park’s monuments in remembrance of several LODD members.








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