Engine 2-11-13 2003 Spartan/Saulsbury 2000 gpm/500 gal.








Engine 2-11-3 - 1991 Spartan/Saulsbury 1500 gpm/500 gal.

If you look closely at the brow above the windshield, you can just make out the word “HESS” in Green letters - this engine is transformed annually during the Christmas season to resemble the HESS ladder truck that was released in 1989.

Protecting the south side of the district, Station 3 operates two engines.

Special thanks to Chief Kieran Keane for his assistance in arranging this photo shoot.

Station 3 - Engine Co. 3

“Working the South Side”

Using contact paper, the rig is converted to a White color scheme complete with a Red aerial ladder that is mounted atop the engine during the annual Santa run & local holiday parades. This rig actually remains in frontline service as a first due engine (minus the wooden aerial) while decorated - can you imagine how cool it would be as a kid (big or little) to see this arrive to fight a fire!!!