Brush 2-11-10 - 1978 GMC 4x4/Emergency One 500 gpm/500 gal.

Ladder 2-11-1 - 2010 Spartan/Smeal 100’/2000 gpm/300 gal.

The department previously operated a 95’ Spartan/Aerialscope tower ladder which proved to be ineffective for its’ operations. Following the sale of that rig, the department was without a tower ladder for nearly two years until this rig entered service in 2010. This rig is better suited for the department’s operations, particularly for multi-story senior residences where the availability of an aerial provides means for removing multiple victims from upper floors without the need for the bucket to be lowered.

Rescue 2-11-9 - 1999 Spartan/Rescue One

Equipped with Hurst Gold series extrication tools, this rig keeps quite busy due to the number of high speed roads passing through the district.

Technical Rescue 2-11-7 - 1995 International

This delivery style cargo box truck supports the Technical Rescue Team that responds as a primary rescue team throughout the Townships of Huntington (12 fire districts) & Smithtown (5 fire districts).








Engine 2-11-11 - 1991 Spartan/FMC 1500 gpm/500 gal.

While Headquarters, the home of Truck Co. 1 is known as a “truck house”, the department maintains an engine stationed there “just in case”.

Home to Truck Co. 1, Headquarters houses a tower ladder, heavy rescue, technical rescue support vehicle, fire police as well as an engine and brush truck.

Special thanks to Chief Kieran Keane for his assistance in arranging this photo shoot.

This memorial at Commack’s headquarters pays tribute to Suffolk County Police Officer Glen Ciano who was killed in the line of duty

on February 22, 2009 by a drunk driver. Officer Ciano patrolled the Commack area and changed shifts at Commack’s firehouse. His sector car number (218) was retired in his memory & re-designated 222 for the date of his LODD. May his service to the community never be forgotten.

Headquarters - Truck Co. 1

“The Pride of Commack”