Stumpjumper 1-4-12 - 1994 AM General/Chivvis Enterprises

Equipped with a 600 gallon tank, this rig has a twin purchased in 2006. Deer Park also formerly operated an ex-GI 6x6 tanker adorned with the slogan “Deer Park...That’s Good Water!!” (borrowed from Deer Park brand spring water).

Rescue 1-4-14 - 1992 Pierce Lance

Equipped with a generator, light tower and Hurst extrication tools, this rig responds second due to auto accidents and is the primary vehicle for mutual aid rapid intervention team responses.

Deer Park Fire Department

Organized in 1932, Deer Park provides Fire, Rescue & ALS level EMS protection to a 5 square mile response area encompassing residential, commercial & light industrial properties. 130 volunteers in conjunction with supplemental career EMS staffing respond to an average of 3,200 alarms annually. Deer Park counts a large number of career FDNY & NYPD members (including many assigned to specialty companies) among their ranks.









Squad 1-4-6 - 2011 Pierce Impel 1500 gpm/750 gal.

Placed in service in January 2012, this rig has already caught its’ first working fire!! Having replaced a 1992 Pierce Lance engine that now serves a fire company in Lancaster County (PA), Squad 6 responds first due to all alarms including auto accidents. Seating 6 in the NFPA compliant cab complete with helmet brackets & oversized seatbelts, it is equipped with a full set of Hurst rescue tools.

Ladder 1-4-10 - 2013 Seagrave 75’ 

Closely mirroring the FDNY specification, this rig can be set up with the boom ready for deployment within 40 seconds!! Having a replaced a 2001 American LaFrance/LTI mid-mount platform, it responds as a mutual aid rapid intervention team for certain departments that specifically request a tower ladder for RIT. Deer Park previously ran a former FDNY Mack Aerialscope (ex-Ladder 12) that went on to serve a  third career with the Annville VFD in Pennsylvania before being retired in 2014 to a private collector. Ladder 1-4-10 is an anomaly due to its’ color scheme and as the only Seagrave rig among Deer Park’s Pierce fleet - in the 1980’s Deer Park ran an almost exclusively American LaFrance fleet including five engines (four Century 1000 series & a 1970’s Pioneer series) and a low profile LTI rear mount ladder tower.

Engine 1-4-11 - 2007 Pierce Lance 1500 gpm/750 gal.

Special thanks to the members of the DPFD for their assistance in positioning the apparatus for photos and providing background information on the department.

An interesting bit of trivia regarding Deer Park’s apparatus - one may notice there is no rig numbered 1-4-1. According the department’s 50th anniversary journal published in 1982, a 1947 Mack type 44 engine (numbered 1-4-1) was damaged in 1952 by an uncontrolled “header” during a brush fire - twenty five years later, a 1971 International/Pierce mini-pumper (which replaced the ’47 Mack & was also numbered 1-4-1) was lost in a “burn-over” during another brush fire. The number 1-4-1 was considered to be cursed and forever banned from further use in the department’s numbering system.

Deer Park operates their entire apparatus fleet from this 10 bay firehouse. Located on Lake Ave., the street was dedicated in memory of Joey Vigiano, a longtime department member who along with his brother John (also a former dept. member) were lost on 9/11 while responding in their career capacities as an NYPD Emergency Service Unit detective & firefighter with FDNY Ladder Co. 132.