Engine 2-8-10 - 2009 GMC 5500 4x4/Pierce 750 gpm/300 gal.

Replacing a smaller mini pumper, this rig is staffed using career district maintenance personnel who respond to all fire & rescue incidents during daytime hours.

Antique - 1951 International R185/American Fire Apparatus 500gpm

This was the second new rig purchased by Dix Hills. The department’s original rig, a 1950 Ford pumper, through a series of unfortunate events (despite the best efforts of several members) ended up in a scrapyard where it was stripped for parts.

The oldest of the three stations, Headquarters is home to Company# 2 operating an engine, rescue engine, brush truck, ambulance, paramedic response vehicle and the department’s antique rig. In addition, the fire district maintenance shop responds during daytime hours with a mini-pumper staffed by career district maintenance personnel to provide supplemental staffing.









Brush 2-8-4 - 2001 Ford F550 4x4/Firematic BRAT 250 gal.

The newest brush apparatus in the fleet, this rig operates as a “trail truck”.

Engine 2-8-9 - 1999 Pierce Quantum 1500 gpm/750 gal.

One of three rescue engines, it is equipped with a full complement of Hurst extrication tools. Dix Hills formerly operated a walk-in heavy rescue until phasing it out with the assignment of a rescue engine (equipped with a full complement of extrication & rescue tools) to each of their three stations for increased coverage of the numerous high speed roadways they cover.

Engine 2-8-1 - 2006 Pierce Quantum 2000 gpm/750 gal.

The only apparatus in the fleet featuring a Black over Red paint scheme, this rig was dedicated as a memorial to all those lost on 9/11 including Dix Hills’ own First Assistant Chief Terry Farrell who was lost while operating as a career FF assigned to FDNY Rescue 4. The name Terry Farrell is known by many in the fire service today due to the establishment of the Terry Farrell Firefighter’s Fund by his family which assists needy fire departments with donated equipment from other departments as well as scholarships for family members of firefighters.

Special thanks to Asst. Chief Rob Fling for the invitation to photograph Dix Hills fleet as well as Commissioner Bob Commisso for his tremendous assistance in positioning the apparatus and providing detailed information on the department’s history & operations.


Company 2