Constructed in 2001 as home to Engine Co. 3 serving the south side of the district, it houses an engine, rescue engine, stumpjumper and two ambulances (due to an abundance of EMS members).









Brush 2-8-12 - 1974 AM General/1995 Chivvis 1000 gal.

Constructed on a 2 1/2 ton chassis, this stumpjumper (a Long Island creation similar to Massachusetts “brush breakers”) was a replacement for the company’s original rig which was lost during the Sunrise Wildfires of 1995 (the second largest fire in New York State history).

Engine 2-8-7 - 2010 Pierce Quantum PUC 1500 gpm/750 gal.

The newest rig in the fleet, it operates as a rescue engine responding first due to auto accidents. It features a side oriented top mount pump panel for increased operator safety, a roof mounted NightScan light tower, pre-connected Hurst extrication tools including a spreader in the front bumper, a dedicated Stokes basket compartment behind the crew cab and Class A & B on-board foam cells with a dedicated intake for prolonged foam operations.

Engine 2-8-2 - 2006 Pierce Quantum 2000 gpm/750 gal.

Responding first due to structure fires, it features Dix Hills’ own “unyque” SCBA seating arrangement found on all their structural engines which includes a driver’s seated mounted SCBA for the chauffeur.

One with a keen eye may notice that Dix Hills company numbers do not correspond to the station numbers. In true fire service fashion, there is a story behind this - when the department was organized in 1947, Company 1 was the first Dix Hills company formed. In 1949 (16 months after their formation having operated with nothing more than “Indian cans”), they purchased a used 1924 Mack AC Bulldog engine from the Huntington Manor FD (the home of “The Bulldogs”) which was numbered as Engine# 3. While it is unknown exactly whether it was done in tribute to that rig’s past or simply a matter of convenience, the company opted to change their name to “Hills Engine Co# 3” hence the reason why Station 1 houses Engine Co. 3.

Special thanks to Asst. Chief Rob Fling for the invitation to photograph Dix Hills fleet as well as Commissioner Bob Commisso for his tremendous assistance in positioning the apparatus and providing detailed information on the department’s history & operations.

Station 1 (“South House”)

Company 3