Rescue 2-8-15 - 2009 Chevrolet/MedTec Type III

Outfitted with striking patriotic Star of Life reflective graphics, this rig is one of four advanced life support equipped ambulances operated by Dix Hills. The department was honored in 2005 as the Rescue Agency of the Year by the New York State Department of Health.

Serving the east end of the district, Station 2 houses an aerial quint, rescue engine, ambulance, brush and several support vehicles.









Brush 2-8-11 - 1995 Ford Super Duty/Firematic

Somewhat of an experiment, this rig was constructed by the local Pierce dealer as a precursor to the introduction of their own B.R.A.T. series trail trucks. Dix Hills also operates a newer B.R.A.T. brush truck out of headquarters.

Engine 2-8-14 - 1999 Pierce Quantum 1500 gpm/750 gal.

Responding first due to auto accidents as a rescue engine, it features a roof mounted NightScan light tower and is equipped with a full complement of Hurst extrication tools.

Ladder 2-8-8 - 2006 Pierce Dash 75’/2000 gpm/500 gal.

Seating eight (6 with SCBA), this rig responds first due to structure fires & on mutual aid RIT assignments. The first custom aerial apparatus operated by the department, it was designed without “bells & whistles” as a true “down & dirty” firefighting piece to meet the unique needs of Dix Hills’ response area.

This is Dix Hills’ first new aerial device having previously operated a 1978 Mack Aerialscope tower ladder that formerly served North Massapequa (LI, NY). When the department began looking to integrate an aerial device into their operations due to the changing landscape of their response area including larger homes on set back properties, the fire district opted to purchase a used rig during a trial period to assess its’ effectiveness. In 2001, Ladder 2-8-6 was placed into service at Station 1 where it responded districtwide as a truck company.

When the Mack tower ladder failed it’s aerial inspection, the department decided to purchase a new aerial device & designed the rig shown above to meet their needs. The old Mack was first offered back to North Massapequa who declined the offer after which it was sold in “as is” condition to the Mount Sinai FD (LI, NY) who was also looking to evaluate adding a truck company into their operations. It was then sent out for a year long rebuild including a complete overhaul of the boom to make it compliant to pass the inspection. It is currently in service with Mount Sinai operating out of Station 1.

A “unyque” feature of this rig is that it is the first Pierce aerial apparatus produced with above the pump crosslays large enough to mirror the standard hoseload found on a Class A engine.

The hoseload shown includes:

  1. Two 200’ 1-3/4” attack lines

  2. 300’ 1-3/4” over 300’ 2-1/2” attack line

(for long stretches on set back properties)

  1. 600’ 2-1/2” attack line

In addition, there are two 1-3/4” pre-connects in the front bumper as well as 800’ of 5” LDH supply line.

Special thanks to Asst. Chief Rob Fling for the invitation to photograph Dix Hills fleet as well as Commissioner Bob Commisso for his tremendous assistance in positioning the apparatus and providing detailed information on the department’s history & operations.

Station 2

Company 1