Squad 3-3-5 (“All Squad, No Engine”) - 2011 Pierce Impel 1500 gpm/750 gal.

Replacing a 1995 Pierce Saber walk-around heavy rescue, this rig was designed to operate primarily as a heavy rescue as well as a truck company while providing the department with a third engine. Seating eight (7 with SCBA), this rig features an Akron foam system, multiple 3” inlets, three 5” inlets, on-board & portable generators, a 25’ light tower, tri-pod scene lights, booster reel, speedy dry hopper, back-up & side view cameras, a custom tool box and brackets/bins (sawzall blades, special hydrant wrench, couplings, etc.), multiple electric reels/ports, an air reel and two full length stainless steel coffin compartments. It is equipped with chauffeur & officer side radio headsets, a laptop (GPS, Haz-Mat, etc.), a small refrigerator for rehab supplies, a portable winch with 3 mounting points and portable radios, thermal imager, AED & gas meters secured in overhead crew cab compartments. A tip of the ole’ helmet goes to the truck committee consisting of Chief Nick Grammenos, Ex-Chief Steve Grammenos, Ex-Chief Chris Duszak & Captain Erik Vasquez for an excellent job planning this truly multi-purpose rig that will serve East Brentwood’s response needs for many years to come.

With the primary role of this rig being rescue, it is equipped with a full set of Holmatro Core technology extrication tools (pre-connected spreader, cutter & combi tool), 36 volt reciprocating & whizzer saws, air bags, cribbing, “shark chocks”, rescue jacks, a petrogen torch, 3 ton car jack, two Honda gas powered portable lights, 12 collapsible traffic cones and full BLS equipment including an AED, stair chair, backboards & Stokes basket.

Designed to also operate as a truck company as well as acting as a third engine, its’ firefighting equipment complement includes two 200’ 1-3/4” pre-connects, a 100’ front bumper 1-3/4” trash line,

a 2-1/2” commercial attack line and 600’ of 3” supply line. In addition, it carries forcible entry tools, ground ladders/pike poles in an overhead rack, two thermal imagers, three vent saws, search rope, high rise pack, a hydraulic ram for forcible entry, electrical current detector, multi-gas meter, an exhaust fan and 10 spare bottles carried in double deep wheel well compartments.

5” LDH “pony length”, 100’ 1-3/4” pre-connected trash line, Holmatro combi tool, connection port on side of bumper

Electric reel, foam tube, rehab fridge & custom pump operator’s toolbox

Portable winch (3 connection points), petrogen torch, stair chair, rotary vent saw

Ventilation chain saws, custom tool box, rescue jack mounting plates, speedy dry hopper

Cribbing, exhaust fan & assorted air bags

Pre-connected Holmatro spreader& cutter, rams, portable power unit, 36 volt reciprocating & whizzer saws, battery chargers, custom brackets for blades

Honda gas powered floodlights, air/electric reels, FE tools

A “unyque” feature found on all of East Brentwood’s engines, this retractable awning over the pump panel provides inclement weather protection for the operator.

Collapsible traffic cones, 3 ton car jack, assorted extinguishers & spare SCBA

The rig carries a small bed of 3” supply line as well as a 2-1/2” attack line for commercial occupancies

East Brentwood Squad 3-3-5

Special thanks to Asst. Chief Rick Lederer for arranging this visit & Lt. Rob Ciabattari for his tremendous assistance in positioning the rigs & providing background information on the department and its’ apparatus.