Snorkel 809 - 1968 Seagrave/Pierce/Pitman 75’ Snorkel

Originally purchased by Union City (NJ), this rig was rehabbed by Hahn in 1985. It served East Brunswick for 38 years until being replaced in 2010 with a Seagrave 75’ rear mount quint. While new apparatus typically receive a “wet-down” to welcome them into the department, the members instead held a de-commissioning ceremony in honor of this rig’s faithful service. 

East Brunswick Independent Fire Co.

Organized in 1938, East Brunswick operates as one of three fire companies in the township. Serving the largest response area, the volunteer members of East Brunswick staff three stations providing Fire & Rescue protection.

“Old 802” - 1940 Ward LaFrance 500 gpm/250 gal.

This rig was the first to be painted in a white paint scheme thus starting the department’s tradition. It was dedicated on the department’s 50th anniversary in 1988 to Louis C. “Pop” Force who served from 1938-1979 as a charter member, ex-chief and past president.