Tanker 8-2-2 (Retired) - 1952 GMC 1,500 gal.

Originally a flatbed truck, this rig was converted into a tanker and saw service for many years. Upon being retired from front line service, it was sold to the Township of Southold. After being reacquired, this rig was fully restored and is maintained by the department as a parade piece.

Brush 8-2-12 - 2012 Ford F-350 HP 40 gpm/250 gal.

Funded through a grant, this rig replaced a 6x6 “stumpjumper” (the Long Island variation of “brush breakers” found in New England states) that was built by the dept. following the 1995 Sunrise Wildfires (the second largest fire in New York State history). The former stumpjumper is now operated by the nearby Cutchogue FD.

Organized in 1899 as the Marion Hook & Ladder Co. with just 10 charter members, the East Marion FD provides Fire, Rescue & ALS level EMS protection to a rural residential community. Forty two volunteers respond to an average of 85 alarms annually. East Marion was honored in 2011 as the Suffolk EMS Agency of the Year for their innovative multi-department response method to ensure the availability of advanced life support care.








Ladder 8-2-5 - Spartan/Ferrara 55’/1500 gpm/300 gal.

Although East Marion’s response area is private residences (some of which are occupied seasonally), this rig is used for its’ reach rather than height due to set back properties.

Tanker 8-2-1 - 1990 Mack MC/Ward ’79 Ltd. 750 gpm/3000 gal.

Engine 8-2-4 - 2008 Spartan Furion/Maxim 1500 gpm/750 gal.

Purchased in late 2012, this rig was originally a demonstrator constructed by a Massachusetts based fire apparatus vendor that purchased the rights to the legendary Maxim Motor Co. brand name. The department was in the planning stages of consolidating two rigs into a new multi-purpose apparatus to better meet their response and manpower needs. As this rig closely mirrored the specifications being developed, the department was able to obtain this rig while staying within their budget (the fire district has a limited tax base with only two commercial properties, one of which is operated seasonally). Having replaced both a 1986 Ford C/3-D engine and a 1996 International/3-D walk around rescue, this rig features seating for six (three with SCBA), low mounted crosslays, enclosed ladder/hard suction storage and Genesis extrication tools on a rear slide out tray.

Special thanks to Chief Frank Thorp III for his assistance in arranging my visits and providing background information on the department’s operations.