Stumpjuumper 5-7-12 - 1968 Kaiser/Schunk 750 gal.

This rig sees a lot of work during brush season and was one of the first rigs to respond to the 1995 Sunrise Wildfires (the second largest fire in New York State history) as well as Rocky Point and Manorville “invitationals” (yearly multiple alarm brush fires requiring considerable mutual aid response). Featuring a field proven “Schunk-built” body (a local fabricator that specialized in building Long Island’s “stumpjumpers”), it was remounted on a newer chassis along with a new diesel pump and 750 gallon tank. Future plans call for an in-house rehab this fall with the roll cage being modified.

Rescue 5-7-1 - 2013 Spartan/Rescue 1

Another demonstrator (modified to meet East Moriches specific needs), this rig is the department’s first dedicated heavy rescue apparatus. One of just a handful of “wet rescues” operating on Long Island, it is outfitted with a CAFS system consisting of two 30 gallon water tanks, a 1” handline with smooth bore nozzle and an on-board air cylinder to recharge the system. The walk-around rescue box features a speedy-dry hopper, anchor points on the top side and corners for rope rescue, a 15 foot roll-off awning on the officer’s side coupled with a curbside/street exhaust diverter and compartment fold out steps with cushions for use as seats in a rehab sector. In addition, it has a 9,000 lb. portable winch with four receiver points, a command board which fits into the officer’s side winch receiver port and a radio bank (low, high, marine & 800 MHz bands) as well as rooftop coffin compartments containing ice rescue suits and water rescue rope. Rescue 1 also features East Moriches signature Roto-Ray warning light which is only found on four other fire apparatus (including an EMFD engine) among Long Island’s 181 fire departments which are known for well appointed apparatus.

The front bumper is outfitted with a T-N-T mini cutter and spreader pre-connected on 75’ reels (with a 25’ break to run the tools with the portable pump) while the officer’s side rear compartment features a pre-connected full size spreader and cutter. The remainder of the equipment complement includes assorted size rams, a portable pump, a small set of air bags, Stokes basket, Milwaukee cordless and electric hand tools (providing dual power redundancy), fully stocked Craftsman toolbox and a “man-in-machine” kit. When raised, the electric staircase provides access to a slide out tray with rescue struts as well as 20, 30 and 50 ton bottle jacks. Forty eight feet of ground ladders allows the rig to operate as a back-up truck company if Ladder 5 is out of service. Future plans include the addition of a cascade system, high and low pressure airbags as well as an inflatable boat.

Special thanks to Chief of Department Bryan Kelly for his assistance in positioning the apparatus and providing detailed information on the department and its’ operations.

Fire Police 5-7-10 - 1985 Ford

Originally serving the Coram FD as an ambulance and later converted with roll up compartments for use as a fire police vehicle, this rig was acquired by East Moriches for only $1,000. In addition to fire police PPE and traffic control equipment, it is also equipped with misting fans and hydration supplies for rehab of emergency service personnel.