Part of the village municipal complex, this four bay firehouse is home to East Williston’s entire fleet.








Engine 814 - 1995 Pierce Lance 1750 gpm/750 gal.

Special thanks to Asst. Chief Pat Theodore for his assistance in positioning the rigs & providing background information on the department.

Engine 811 - 2005 Pierce Contender 1750 gpm/750 gal.

Ladder 813 - 1995 Pierce Lance 75’ Rear-Mount Aerial

Rescue 812 - 1987 GMC/Emergency One

Equipped with Hurst extrication tools, this rig originally served the Lakeview FD. It also provides EMS first response in conjunction with the Williston Park FD & Nassau County Police Emergency Ambulance Bureau who provide ALS level transport.

Organized in 1889 as the East Williston Hook & Ladder Co., 60 volunteers provide Fire, Rescue & EMS First Response protection answering an average of 160 alarms annually. While primarily a residential community, East Williston also serves a small downtown business area on the main thoroughfare as well as a local stop on the Long Island Railroad’s Oyster Bay line.

While not part of East Williston’s frontline fleet, this rig can be found in the village playground behind the municipal complex/firehouse.

The radio room features a map of the district - the streets are listed in alphabetical order & by activating a switch, the location of all the hydrants on that particular street can be illuminated on the board for easy reference.