Eden operates their fleet from this 3 bay station which includes living quarters for 12 live-in members. This has been the location of the fire company since their formation in 1921 - a major renovation was completed in 2002 with an emphasis on expanded living quarters for the live-in program.









Special thanks to Chief Dave Howey for his assistance for arranging my initial visit to Eden in 2010 & providing background information on Truck 204’s unique capabilities. Thanks are also extended to Chief Mike Roten for arranging my follow-up visit in 2012 as well as Sgt .Ryan Spangler for his assistance in positioning the apparatus and providing information on the new rigs capabilities.

Eden Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1

Lancaster County Station 24

Organized in 1921, Eden provides Fire, Technical Rescue & Quick Response Service (EMS first response) to Manheim & East Lampeter Townships as well as 10 neighboring municipalities including the City of Lancaster. Eden VFC# 1 and Southern Manheim Twp. FC (two of three fire companies serving Manheim Twp.) have consolidated as Manheim Twp. Fire Rescue with the township providing all equipment (in their Blue/White color scheme). Thirty members (including 12 live-ins), many of whom are career FF’s in Maryland respond to nearly 1,000 alarms annually making Eden one of the busiest among Lancaster County’s 89 fire companies.

Truck 204 - 2006 Pierce Dash 2000 100’ Heavy Duty Tractor Drawn Aerial

The pride of Eden, this rig was designed over a period of five years to allow for the replacement & consolidation of the company’s tower ladder & heavy rescue into one apparatus. Measuring in at 61.5 feet long, it can turn a complete circle in just 28.8 feet and is the first Pierce tiller with a 30 kw hydraulic generator split into two PTO’s powering the generator & the aerial/rear wheels. Featuring a four section 100’ aerial with a 500 lb. tip rating and a 1,000 gpm master stream, the rig is equipped with on-spot tire chains, headsets for all riding positions, six 900W high intensity lights on the tractor (equivalent to 5.5 1500 watt quartz lights), six 750W fixed/portable quartz lights on the trailer body, two 900W high intensity lights on the aerial (equivalent to 1.8 1500W quartz lights) and four 200’ electric cord reels.

Truck 204 replaced & consolidated the functions of the former 1994 LTI 102’ rear mount ladder tower and a 1990 Emergency One walk-in heavy rescue. Set up to act as both a truck & rescue company, it is one of only three units in Lancaster County to meet the Pennsylvania Dept. of Health’s Voluntary Rescue Service Recognition Program at the Advanced Response level. It is believed to be the only aerial device in the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to meet this standard on a single rig.

Engine 209 - 2011 Pierce Arrow XT 2000 gpm/500 gal.

One of four identical engines provided to the three fire companies serving Manheim Township (hence the color scheme), Engine 209 operates as a dedicated spare stationed at Eden. The station’s primary engine (Engine 204) consistently ranks among the top 10 busiest countywide.

Truck 24 features a 6 man cab - the driver’s side features an air ride driver’s seat and a computer screen to monitor vital functions. The officer’s seat features a mobile data terminal as well as an “Easy” button mounted on the dashboard. The crew cab is equipped with four SCBA equipped jumpseats, handlights & headsets for every seating position. In keeping with a tradition carried over from the former heavy rescue, a tally of pin jobs & working fires in kept on the back wall of the crew cab.      

Truck 204 features a shamrock on the tillerman’s cab doors with its’ “born on” date (like that found on a Budweiser bottle). As the truck was picked up from the local dealer on March 17th, 2006 (St. Patrick’s Day), the company felt it was only fitting to have a shamrock mark its’ “birthday”. Since then, several other Lancaster County fire companies have followed suit with shamrock graphics on their new apparatus.

Squad 204 - Ford F-550 SuperDuty/Pierce

Purchased along with the new engines shown above, this rig was provided to Eden which utilizes it for EMS first response, utility purposes and as a support piece to their tiller for auto extrication. Click here to see a detailed overview of Squad 204’s features & capabilities.