Forest Grove Vol. Fire Department

Allegheny County Station 245

Established in 1947, Forest Grove VFD serves Robinson Twp. jointly with the Groveton & Moon Run fire companies. 20 active volunteers respond to an average of 110 alarms annually. 

Responding from a single station, Forest Grove operates two engines, a tower ladder & utility squad. 

243 Engine 1 - 2008 Sutphen Monarch Series 2000 gpm/750 gal./30A foam

Entering service in October 2008, this rig features an extended crew cab that seats 6, top mount pump panel, LED lighting and a light tower atop the cab.

243 Engine 2 - 1987 Pierce Arrow 1200 gpm/750 gal.

Delivered in 1987, this rig started the trend of Forest Grove’s current color scheme. Seating 6 FF’s, it is equipped with 1,200’ of 5” supply line and has 6 pre-connected handlines.

243 Tower 5 - 2007 Sutphen 100’/1500 gpm/300 gal.

The only aerial device in Robinson Township, Tower 5 packs a punch with dual bucket mounted deck guns (one remote controlled), 1,100’ of 5” supply line, a full compliment of truck company tools, ladders, fans and two portable generators with 500 watt lights.

243 Squad 3 - 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty (Manpower Transport)

This artwork on the boom of Tower 5 is Forest Grove’s unique adaptation of Godzilla. Drawn by

a local art teacher, the dragon was made to look different due to copyright issues and in keeping with the chief’s wishes, it is breathing water (instead of the usual flames) on the raging inferno.

This is about the only red fire truck you find in Forest Grove’s firehouse these days!!!

Special thanks to Chief Jack Carney for arranging this visit, positioning the rigs and providing background information on the department and its’ apparatus.









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