Ladder 218 - 2004 Seagrave 100’ Tiller

This rig is one of only three tillered aerials still operating on Long Island.

Excelsior Hook & Ladder Co# 1

“The Dead End Kids”

Organized in 1874, the company has a storied history, particularly with their apparatus. They have operated a tillered aerial since their inception and continue to run one of only three tillers among Nassau County’s 71 departments. Over the course of 70+ years, their apparatus has had many distinctions including having the last steel aerial produced prior to World War II (1937 Seagrave) and the first fully enclosed tillerman’s cab (1961 Seagrave). The company maintains many artifacts of these apparatus on display in their firehouse.

Truck 1 operates as both the truck and rescue company for the department. All of their apparatus are equipped with Holmatro extrication tools and the company operates as the technical rescue team providing extrication, collapse, confined space, high angle & water rescue (in conjunction with the department’s dive team).

The “business end” of Ladder 218 boasts a whopping 294’ of ground ladders (including a 50’ Bangor ladder), 10 assorted pike poles & hooks, three pick head axes, four spare SCBA cylinders & two electric cord reels with portable floodlights.

The company operates their three rigs from this single firehouse.

Rescue 2172 - 1991 Simon-Duplex/Saulsbury

Formerly assigned to Emergency Rescue Co# 9, it is fully equipped for vehicle extrication, building collapse, rope rescue & confined space operations. An inflatable rescue boat is carried topside to provide surface water rescue as well as support of the dive team. 

Ladder 217 - 1995 Spartan/Baker 95’ Aerialscope









Truck One’s firehouse is a virtual museum with artifacts from their apparatus ranging back to 1937.

Special thanks to Executive Director/Ex-Chief Ray Maguire for arranging the photo shoot of Truck Co# 1 & its’ apparatus.

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