Incorporated in 1904, the Vigilants provide Fire & Rescue protection to a 1.3 square mile area encompassing Great Neck Estates, part of Thomaston & Great Neck Plaza as well as ALS level EMS transport to an 8 mile area encompassing all of Great Neck north of the railroad tracks. An interesting fact about the Vigilants is that of their 100 volunteers, nearly 25% are of Persian descent speaking the language of Farsi.      









Engine 835 - 2000 American LaFrance 2000 gpm/500 gal.

Dedicated in memory of Chief John “Jack” Kelly who served as chief in 1957, it features 2,000 watts of scene lighting. It is equipped with 40’ of ground ladders, 1,075’ of 5” LDH & 400’ of 3” supply line and 1,700 of attack line (1,100’ 2-1/2”, 100’ 2” lightweight attack & 500’ 1-3/4”) and two 250’ booster reels.

Special thanks Asst. Chief Joshua Forst for arranging this visit & FF Radni Ashir for his assistance in positioning the apparatus for photos.

Engine 8316 - 1990 American LaFrance 1500 gpm/500 gal.

Responding first due for 10 years, this rig is now used for training since being placed second due in 2000. Dedicated in memory of Chief Fred J. Pritchett (Chief 1951-1952), it was the first enclosed cab operated by the Vigilants & remains popular among the members due to its’ easy handling & nostalgia as it was the first rig many newer members fought their first fire on. Outfitted with 1,500 watts of scene lighting & two 250’ booster reels, it carries 1,075’ of 5” LDH & 400’ of 3” supply line as well as 1,900’ of attack line (1,100’ of 2-1/2”, 100’ of 2” lightweight hose & 700’ of 1-3/4”).

Engine 8314 - 2011 Ferrara Inferno 1500 gpm/500 gal.

Entering service in 2011, this is the first non American LaFrance rig purchased in 20 years.

Mini Pumper 837 - 1985 GMC 4x4/Saulsbury 750 gpm/250 gal.

Utilized for underground parking garages in office buildings, it features a Mars mechanical siren, an 8,000 lb. electric winch & a 275’ booster reel. It is equipped with 800’ of 3” supply line as well as 300’ of 1-3/4” and 125’ of 1-1/2” attack line.

In 1957, the Vigilants moved from the original firehouse to their current location. The property was purchased from a widow who lived in a house with a spire on a hill (now the parking lot) with the stipulation that she be allowed to live there for the rest of her life (the engineers were charged with checking on the woman daily). In 1981, a major renovation was undertaken doubling the size of the firehouse to its’ present size. The original 1904 fire bell along with a piece of World Trade Center steel dedicated to their assistant chief who was lost on 9/11 (added after this photo was taken) adorns the front plaza of the firehouse.