Ladder 2 (Southside Hook & Ladder Co. 2) - 2003’ Seagrave 100’ Rear Mount

Featuring a low profile cab to fit into their 1929 firehouse, this rig has extremely tight jumpsuits. Responding districtwide (along with Truck 1) for extrication, it features a full complement of Holmatro extrication tools, airbags and rescue struts. The members of Ladder 2 can be easily distinguished on the fireground by their classic red turn-out coats (all other companies wear black gear).

Hose 2 (Southside Hose Co. 2) - 1996 Spartan/RD Murray 1500 gpm/750 gal.

Special thanks to Truck 1 Firefighter Brandon Milliner for his tremendous assistance in arranging this photo shoot, Ladder 2 Firefighter Pat Carney for positioning the apparatus & Ex-Chief Robert Noonan for providing historical information on the department.

Built in 1929, this firehouse is the oldest in the department and as such provides tight quarters for the apparatus. Home to Southside Hose Co# 2 & Southside Hook & Ladder Co# 2, it operates with an engine & rear mount ladder.

Constructed in 1929, Southside’s firehouse was renovated with the apparatus bay doors relocated to a side street off busy Long Beach Road. The two display cases showcasing the company’s rigs are actually the front windows of the original firehouse that looked out over the apron.

A “unyque” fact about Southside Co. 2 is that it is the only company in the entire department to have a complete photo collection of every captain who has served since the company’s founding in 1929.

Southside Co. 2 pays tribute to four members of the department who were lost in the line of duty. The portrait on top represents Michael Kiefer, a Southside member who was lost on 9/11 while serving with FDNY Ladder 132 (sadly, FF Kiefer was never recovered from Ground Zero). The three photos honor Ex-Chief Brian Fahey (Victory Engine Co. 4), an FDNY Rescue 4 firefighter who suffered a LODD during the Father’s Day Fire of 2001, Lt. John C. Hillman (Ladder Co. 2) of the US Naval Reserve killed in action during wartime efforts & Ex-Captain Durrell “Bronk” Pearsall (Victory Engine Co. 4), an FDNY Rescue 4 firefighter lost on 9/11. May their dedication & service never be forgotten.

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