Floodlight - 1978 Chevy C65/Supervac

The last gas powered rig in the department, this rig which is held in reserve status remains as a reminder of a bygone era when many Nassau County departments operated floodlight units.

Engine 5 - 1989 Pierce Lance 1500 gpm/500 gal.

This rig is scheduled to be replaced in 2011 presumably with a new Seagrave engine.









Special thanks to Truck 1 Firefighter Brandon Milliner for his tremendous assistance in arranging this photo shoot as well as Firefighter Carey Morris for positioning the apparatus & providing background information on the “old school” members.

“West End”

Constructed in 1941, this firehouse serves the West End as home to Engine Co# 5 which operates a frontline engine & reserve floodlight unit.

“Old School”

Hempstead’s firehouses have that “old school” look closely resembling city firehouses. While members carry bunker gear in their personal vehicles, these 3/4 length turn-out coats remain in place to honor the “old school” members those have served in the past & built the department into what it is today. Interestingly enough, the middle coat is that of Firefighter Beekman (no longer on the frontline) who continues to actively function as the company treasurer, a position he has held for more than 50 years!!

Copyright 2010 Tom Rinelli

Copyright 2010 Tom Rinelli

Copyright 2010 Tom Rinelli

Copyright 2010 Tom Rinelli