Hudson Falls Fire Department

Serving the Village of Hudson Falls, the HFFD’s volunteers operate out of a single station providing Fire & Rescue services. The department operates an interesting blend of apparatus serving their second career - as the chief put it “We’re the kings  of used apparatus”. While their rigs might be used, the HFFD takes tremendous pride in their apparatus which are totally personalized to reflect “The Tigers” of Hudson Falls.

“362 Engine” (“A Hoseline Ahead of the Rest”) - 1990 Pierce Arrow 1750 gpm/1000 gal.

Originally slated for the Goodyear FD, this rig became a demonstrator and was picked up after the pump on the dept’s 1960’s Mack failed. According to original drawings found in shop manuals, this rig was to be constructed quite differently for Goodyear’s specifications than it appears here.

“361 Engine” - 1980 Mack CF-600 1250 gpm/500 gal. 

This rig is the only one among Hudson Falls fleet that was actually specified for the department. When originally delivered, the paid drivers would not respond with it as it had the word “volunteer” on the doors.

“Truck 363” (“A Cut Above The Rest”) - 1982 Mack/Baker/2000 J.C. Moore

After the department’s old Mack ladder failed its’ annual inspection, this rig was purchased from the nearby Queensbury Central FC that was receiving a new 95’ Aerialscope. Due to having the Great Escapes amusement park in their response area, Queensbury wanted to keep the 75’ rig close by for the availability of mutual aid for ride evacuations.

In 2000, a rep from the refurbishing company (who was an avid fan of Mack tower ladders) came to look at the 1980 Mack pumper for an evaluation. He asked if he could take a look under the tower ladder - as soon as he slid under the truck, he rolled back out & said “forget that one, you need to refurbish this one NOW!!”. Apparently, after 18 years of service, the cab had rusted through to the point that it was ready to fall off the chassis!!! Needless to say, the truck was refurbed!!

“364 Rescue” (“These Tigers Strike F.A.S.T.”) - 1991 Mack MC/Saulsbury

Formerly serving Underhill, Pennsylvania, this walk-in rescue entered service in 2005. It is fully equipped with Hurst extrication tools, a 4 bottle 5,000 PSI cascade system with booster, 12,000 watts of scene lights including 3,000 & 6,000 watt light towers and a command post equipped with multiple radios & computers. Rescue 3 also serves as a mutual aid F.A.S.T. (Firefighter Assist & Search Team).

Rescue 3‘s command post is equipped with multiple band radios, computers and cellular phones for managing any size incident.








Special thanks to Chief of Department Paul Dietrich & the members of Hudson Falls for their hospitality & assistance with the photographing of these rigs as well as Ex-Asst. Chief Joel Patten for providing updated information on the backstory of each rig.