Huntington Manor Fire Department

Established in 1903, “Manor” serves Huntington Station and is known as an aggressive department that “catches a lot of work” (19 “jobs” in 2009 alone!! ). Responding to over 1,000 alarms annually, 85 active volunteers operate out of three stations providing Fire & Technical Rescue protection to a large district encompassing every conceivable hazard including two major roadways (including a long stretch of Jericho Turnpike noted for being the most accident prone road in NY State!!), a major shopping mall (the site of a fatal fire in 1991), the Huntington branch of the Long Island Railroad, numerous commercial occupancies and a large residential area as well. The “Bulldogs” maintain and preserve a strong tradition including a long history of using Mack apparatus since the early 1900’s - their headquarters is a virtual museum of firematic history dating back to their earliest beginnings.

Ladder 2-4-7 - 2006 American LaFrance/LTI 100’ Mid-Mount 

Ladder 7 is dedicated to the memory of Commissioner/Ex-Chief Joseph Lynch (“Big Joe”) who passed away suddenly while this truck was being built. It is adorned with multiple artwork honoring his legacy including his well known motto of “Nothin’ But The Best for ‘Manor”. 

Rescue 2-4-11 - 2007 American LaFrance

Fully equipped for firefighting & rescue, Rescue 11 responds to all extrications along with Rescues 10 and 12. It is equipped with EIGHT sets of pre-connected Hurst rescue tools (front bumper & both sides), an assortment of cordless power tools, air bags, saws and a command post in the walk-in box.

Brush 2-4-16 - 2009 Ford F550 4x4/Firematic B.R.A.T. 300 gpm/350 gal./10 foam

This rig responds to brush fires, vehicle fires in underground parking garages and even structural fire attack in inclement weather. It is equipped with a remote control bumper turret, under bumper spray bar, two 200’ booster reels, a 200’ 1-3/4” crosslay, 400’ of 3” supply line in a deadlay bed, remote pump start, Hale FoamPro system, a 9,500 lb. portable winch with receiver plates on all four sides and a 12 volt LED light tower.

Engine 2-4-9 - 2001 Spartan/Saulsbury 1500 gpm/650 gal.

Engine 2-4-3 - 2004 American LaFrance 1500 gpm/650 gal.

Technical Rescue 2-4-19 - 2000 Grumman/Olson 

Fully equipped for all types of technical rescue, it responds along with the Technical Rescue Support Unit which provides materials & equipment support (shoring panels, air shores, etc.).

Fire Police 2-4-18 - 1995 International/Wheeled Coach

While at first glance this rig appears to be a former ambulance, it was actually custom built to meet the needs of the department’s fire police who handle traffic & crowd control duties.

Antique 2-4-1 - 1947 Mack “B” 750 gpm/200 gal.

This rig has been completely restored & is the pride of the department. Manor also owns a twin to this rig, a 1950 model with half doors that is maintained in its’ original condition.

Serving as headquarters for “Manor”, this massive 16 bay firehouse (four double bays on each side) is home to a large contingent of apparatus, the dispatch center and administrative offices. The impressive memorial monument shown in the foreground can be viewed in detail by clicking here.

Every one of Manor’s front line apparatus features a Bulldog mural reflecting the rig’s job. All the artwork is hand painted by a local artist who formerly worked for Long Island’s own Northrop Grumman painting murals on Navy fighter jets.

Special thanks to Chief of Department Rob Herley for arranging this photo shoot and Ex-Captain Frank McQuade for his tremendous assistance in providing “the grand tour” of “Manor”.