Engine 2-4-4 - 2004 American LaFrance 1500 gpm/650 gal.

Rescue 2-4-12 - 2000 International/Marion

Technical Rescue Support 2-4-28 - 2005 Freightliner

Responding in conjunction with Technical Rescue 2-4-19, this rig provides equipment & materials support for technical rescue incidents, particularly trench & building collapse. It carries shoring panels and sheets of plywood for trench rescue, air shores and tools to establish cutting stations.

Station 3 - “House of the Rising Sun”

Located on busy Jericho Turnpike, Station 3 is home to four apparatus protecting the district’s east end.

In keeping with “Manor” tradition, Station 3’s rigs are adorned with hand painted artwork reflecting their specialties as well as their geographic location in the district.

Special thanks to Chief of Department Rob Herley for arranging this photo shoot and Ex-Captain Frank McQuade for his tremendous assistance in providing “the grand tour” of “Manor”.








Ladder 2-4-6 - 2010 Spartan/Crimson 103’/1750 gpm/750 gal.

Placed in service in early 2011, this rig features an eight man cab (5 SCBA seats) with two 45 degree angled jumpseats for added legroom, a generator, blue LED lighting on the ladder rungs for added visibility and wireless remote control consoles for both the ladder & master stream functions. It is equipped with a front bumper mounted pre-connect, booster reel and a full complement of battery powered tools (all tool were custom mounted by the fire district’s in-house mechanic).