Serving the Huntington Station community for over 106 years, “Manor” maintains their proud history by honoring those who have served the department in times past.  

This impressive monument stands outside Manor’s headquarters and honors those who have fallen in the line of duty while serving the department as well as military personnel from the community who served in conflicts since WW I.

Commissioner/Ex-Chief Joe Lynch, affectionately known as “Big Joe” was well known within the fire service in Suffolk County serving as a deputy chief instructor for the county fire academy, Huntington Town fire coordinator and a sales/service manager for American LaFrance fire apparatus . At home at Manor, he filled many roles serving as chief of the department, commissioner and his most beloved job playing Santa at the annual holiday festivities for the department.

“Manor” suffered a devastating loss on 9/11/01 when 3rd Asst. Chief Pete Nelson, an FDNY firefighter assigned to Rescue 4 was killed in the line of duty during the World Trade Center attack. A 24 year member of the HMFD as well as a 15 year veteran of the FDNY, Pete had recently been assigned to Rescue Co. 4 in July of 2001 after serving 15 years with Ladder Co. 151 since his appointment.

As a lasting tribute to Chief Nelson’s devotion to Manor & the fire service overall, his turn-out gear has been preserved in a memorial display inside the main lobby of the headquarters firehouse. The plaque that is located above it was constructed of steel recovered from the World Trade Center remains and is inscribed with both Chief Nelson’s badge number at Manor and his company assignment in FDNY.

A memorial bell is dedicated to the memory of all those lost on 9/11.

To ensure the proper look and feel of the monument, two of Manor’s members actually posed in full turn-out gear for the sculptor who created these statues.

Honoring the department and the United States, a reflection of the two bronzed statues can be seen here.

The center panel features an impressive engraved image of a fallen firefighter ascending towards heaven. An eternal flame is maintained in the center of the maltese cross just above the fireman’s prayer.

The department memorial honors members who made the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty ranging from 1930 through 2009. These members include Asst. Chief Pete Nelson, an FDNY firefighter killed on 9/11 and Chaplain Richard Holst who passed away at the scene of a commercial fire on September 29th, 2009.  

Peter A. Nelson

10/7/58 - 9/11/01

Joseph J. Lynch Jr. 

“Big Joe”

This plaque was presented to the department on behalf of FDNY Squad 41 as a token of appreciation for the successful rescue of their brother firefighter Morgan Edwards who was trapped in a cesspool collapse in Manor’s district on August 13th, 1998. Although Firefighter Edwards’ leg injuries were so severe that he was unable to return to active duty, Squad 41 wished to express their thanks for the lifesaving rescue made by Manor’s technical rescue team.

Special thanks to Chief of Department Rob Herley for arranging this photo shoot and Ex-Captain Frank McQuade for his tremendous assistance in providing “the grand tour of “Manor”.









Copyright 2009 Tom Rinelli

Copyright 2009 Tom Rinelli

Copyright 2009 Tom Rinelli