Ladder 2-3-2 - 1982 Pierce Arrow 100’/2000 gpm

After 25 years of active service as the first due truck company, this rig is now held in reserve while the 100’ quint shown below responds as the primary truck company apparatus.

Ladder 2-3-12 - 2007 KME Predator 100’/2000 gpm/650 gal.

When the department began looking at a replacement for Ladder 2, it was decided to go with a quint which replaced both the ladder & an engine. With the option to run as an engine or truck, this rig provides the department with greater flexibility particularly when faced with limited manpower.

Huntington operates their entire fleet from this 10 bay firehouse.









Brush 2-3-8 - 2001 Ford F-550/Firematic B.R.A.T. 75 gpm/400 gal.

Engine 2-3-1 - 1989 Pierce Lance 1500 gpm/750 gal.

Designed with a short wheelbase to accommodate narrow roads in the waterfront area of the district, this engine is scheduled to be replaced in 2011 with a new KME engine.

Engine 2-3-4 - 1997 Pierce Quantum 1500 gpm/1000 gal.

Special thanks to Deputy Chief Jesse Cukro for his assistance in arranging this photo shoot & FF Sean Schwier for positioning the rigs & providing background information.

Organized in 1843, Huntington is one of the oldest fire departments operating on Long Island. Serving Huntington & Lloyd Harbor, 100+ volunteers answer over 500 alarms annually providing Fire & Rescue protection to a mixed response area of residential, downtown commercial & waterfront properties.

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