Tactical Rescue 3-4-14 - 1998 Pierce Quantum

Equipped with a three door raised roof cab, this walk-in rescue features a full command center, a light tower, pre-connected Hurst extrication tools & dive rescue gear. Trained & equipped for all disciplines of technical rescue, Islip’s Tactical Rescue Team serves as a primary rescue team providing mutual aid to the 17 fire districts located within the Township of Islip.








Ladder 3-4-11 - 1998 Spartan Gladiator/LTI 75’ Tower Ladder

Responding out of Station 2, this rig is equipped with a 7 kw generator & Hurst extrication tools.

Ladder 3-4-5 - 1975 Ford C8000/Saulsbury City Service Ladder

A rarity in today’s fire service, Islip operates this city service ladder truck out of their headquarters. Having received a major refurbishment in 2000, it carries over 150’ of ground ladders ranging from a Little Giant collapsible to a three section 36’ extension (it formerly carried a 48’ Bangor ), a generator, smoke ejectors, salvage equipment, seven SCBA’s, a Stokes basket and FAST (Firefighter Assist & Search Team) equipment. After 35 years of faithful service, the department replaced this workhorse in 2011 with a Ferrara 75’ rear-mount aerial.

Fire Police 3-4-8 - 2002 Pierce Saber

Assigned for traffic control duty, this rig also serves as a support piece. It is equipped with a generator, air compressor, cascade system to fill both SCBA & SCUBA cylinders, a 25’ light tower and 15 ton winch.

Special thanks to department photographer/webmaster Tom Kaminski for his tremendous assistance in arranging this photo shoot as well as Islip’s members who assisted with positioning the rigs.

The rear riding area has a full length bench seat and is set up to provide a fully equipped truck company crew upon arrival. Five SCBA’s along with multiple hand lights, forcible entry tools, hooks,  search ropes & extinguishers are carried. In addition, the 36’ three section extension ladder is carried in a compartment underneath the bench seat.

Fire Police 3-4-10 - 1994 Ford F-450/Emergency One

In addition to handling traffic control duties, this rig also acts as the primary tow vehicle for the Tactical Rescue Team’s collapse, haz-mat & boat trailers.