Hand tools, portable lighting, cord reel & smoke ejector

Ventilation saws, PPV fan & portable AMKUS power unit

The 1250 GPM pump features two 3” pump to tank valves (one with a check valve) allowing the pump to flow a full 1,000 GPM from the booster tank. This design allows the pump to tank valve to remain open (without flowing water) while operating off a supply line - this provides full tank capacity while operating on a hill as well as instant water in the event of a supply line failure.

The heart of Rescue 751 is the 5 tool AMKUS Ultimate System which powers the front reel and two 200’ reels on each side with pre-connected 32” spreaders and cutters (all the tools can be operated with a remote wireless control). An AMKUS portable generator & rope rescue capstan winch (bought from the Leesburg VFC in Virginia) are also carried.

Rescue 751 carries 130’ of ground ladders - the equivalent of a quad making this rig in essence a “rescue-quad”. Its’ ladder complement includes two section 28’ & 35’ extension ladders, 16’ & 20’ roof ladders, 10’ & 14’ attic ladders as well as a Little Giant Ladder.

Slide-out tool boards feature dual sided storage, an absorbent hopper in built into the topside coffin compartments further maximizing the use of all “dead space” for storage.

BLS equipment, RIT Pak and salvage supplies round out the center compartments. The tool board is another example of forward thinking to maximize use of all available storage space - it swings out to provide access to cribbing and other equipment. This design not only secures the cribbing but provides added storage space as well.

Two 200’ reels pre-connected to a 32” spreader & cutter powered by the Amkus Ultimate System. Assorted cables & chains for lifting/pulling are incredibly well organized with clearly labeled storage bins. A pre-connected foam Pro-Pak, Stokes basket & Little Giant ladder round out the officers side equipment complement.

Every bit of available storage space was planned & utilized - typically reserved for SCBA cylinders, the wheel well storage is used for stepchocks, cribbing is carried in the side crew cab compartment for rapid deployment upon arrival and water rescue gear is stored inside the crew cab.

The front bumper is ready for action with a pre-connected 100’ 1-3/4” trash line, 100’ hydraulic reel with pre-connected AMKUS combi-tool, 100’ electric reel and a high pressure working air outlet. The front drop down door provides access to a 12,000 pound Ramsey electric winch. Chevron striping is provided for increased visibility & safety when operating at roadway incidents.

Jarrettsville VFC Rescue 751

Having previously operated rescue engines, this well thought out rig was planned for nearly two years to maximize use of storage space and functionality. Equipped with a 1250 GPM pump, 915 gallon water tank and a full complement of rescue, engine & truck company tools, this rig is the first apparatus equipped for rescue operations that is not overweight (as was all its’ predecessors).

Seating six, the cab features a large EMS compartment & dedicated driver’s gear compartment while the 24’ tandem axle walk-around rescue body is equipped with a 30KW hydraulic generator, 12,000 watts of fixed quartz lighting, a 9,000 watt light tower with wireless remote and two 200’ electric reels. The working air reel is supplied by an Atlas Copco 20cfm air compressor. Topside coffin compartments carry water rescue & high-angle rescue equipment as well as absorbent that dispenses through a hopper mounted in the officer’s side rear compartment.

For extrication, it features a 5-tool AMKUS Ultimate System which powers the front reel & two 200’ reels on each side with pre-connected 32” spreaders and cutters. Engine company equipment consists of two 6” hard sleeve suctions, pre-connected 1-3/4” & 2-1/2” attack lines, 300’ of 3” and 1,000’ of 5” supply line. Truck company equipment consists of 130’ of ground ladders as well as saws, portable lighting, cord reels, and salvage covers.

Special thanks to Captain Dave Pullen for his hospitality & assistance in providing detailed information on the impressive capabilities of Rescue 751.

Rescue 751 - 2009 Spartan/4-Guys 1250 gpm/915 gal.