Organized in 1929, Kimberton Fire Co. provides Fire, Rescue and QRS (EMS first response) protection to the townships of Charlestown, East and West Vincent as well as East and West Pikeland. 30 active volunteers supplemented by two daytime career FF’s respond to an annual average of 450 alarms. Their first new apparatus, a 1936 Hale pumper responded to its’ first call for a fire at the firehouse!!








Tower 61 - 1996 Simon-Duplex/LTI 85’/1250 gpm/250 gal.

Originally serving Riverside, California for five years, it features rear steer capability, a back-up camera, 7.5 kw generator & a David Clark intercom interlinked with the county 800 Mhz radio system.

Special thanks to Chief Jay Pollinger & the members of Kimberton FC for their assistance arranging my visit and positioning the apparatus for photos.

Rescue 61 - 2005 Spartan/R.D. Murray 2500 gpm/500 gal./50A/30B foam

Seating six (5 with SCBA), this rig features a 200CFM CAFS compressor, 30KW generator, 20’ light tower and four bottle 6,000 PSI cascade system with a two bottle SpaceSaver fill station and two high pressure air reels. It’s equipment complement includes four pre-connected Centaur series extrication tools powered by two Hurst Simo pumps, a portable Hurst pump, rescue struts, circular and reciprocating saws, a DeWalt hammer and drill as well as 12 and 20 ton jacks. For firefighting, it carries 1,000’ of 5” LDH supply line, Stihl chain & rotary saws, fans and a RIT pack.

Tanker 61 - 1995 Peterbilt/Walker Stainless Steel 1500 gpm/6500 gal.

Kimberton also operates Tanker 61-2, a 2013 Kenworth 500 gpm/5000 gallon tanker with a steerable third “tag” axle as well as a 1994 Freightliner with a 4,000 gallon tank that formerly saw frontline service asTanker 61. In addition to front line service using Tankers 61 & 61-2, all three tankers are available for “pool fills” which the fire company uses as a fundraising tool to support their operations.

TAC 61 - 2009 Chevy/Lee’s Emer. Eqpt. 900 gpm/230 gal./15A foam

Utilizing the pod concept for many years, Kimberton simply transferred their 1995 brush fire pod onto this crew cab chassis which was provided through Chester County Homeland Security. A surplus rig, the only stipulation is that it maintains a circular Green sticker on the front fender well stating it was donated through the county homeland security division (quite a deal!!). The brush fire pod being completely self contained with its’ own power generating ability allows it to be deployed and retrieved at a later time allowing the pod transporter greater flexibility (Kimberton also maintains pods for mass casualty support and an “Aftermath Pod”, a secure container for the contents of a fire damaged home).

Brush 61 - 1985 GMC 150 gal.

Donated by the State Forestry Service, this rig responds to brush fires with TAC 61.

Utility 61 - 1999 Ford F-350 4x4

AED equipped, this rig handles QRS responses and acts as a personnel carrier.

Kimberton also operates Engine 61, a 2000 Spartan Gladiator/Saulsbury 2500 gpm/750 gal./50A/30B foam equipped with a rear mounted CAFS capable pump.