Engine 45-1 - 1996 International 4900/Emergency One 1250 gpm/1000 gal.

This rig features a 6 man cab (3 with SCBA & 6 spare cylinders) and is equipped with a pre-connected deck gun, 15kw diesel generator, 200’ cord reel, four scene lights & two tri-pod lights. It’s equipment complement includes three 300’ pre-connects (two 1-3/4”, one 2-1/2”), 1,050’ of 5” LDH, three 10’ sections of hard sleeve suction, a chimney fire kit, 18” chain & vent saws, an electric negative pressure fan, cribbing, thermal imager & a 35’ extension ladder. Loaned to the Paradise-Leaman Place Fire Co. while awaiting delivery of their 2013 Pierce Dash CF engine, it was sold in 2014 to the Bush (KY) FD and replaced with a Chevy Silverado crew cab pick-up designated as Squad 45-1. 

1913 Obenchain Boyer Chemical Tank Wagon

Purchased by the townspeople in 1913 prior to the formal organization of the Kinzer Fire Co. in 1916, this was actually the second apparatus used to provide fire protection to the area (a single cylinder piston type water pump with an air cooled gas engine mounted on a four wheel hand drawn wagon was purchased in 1897). When the fire company was chartered in 1916, this was the only apparatus at the time & was stored along with several buckets & hand tools in a small building on the property of the local feed mill & warehouse.

Kinzer operates their entire fleet from this three bay firehouse.








Tanker 45 - 1991 Pierce Dash 1250 gpm/3000 gal.

This rig has quite a history - it was the first to be outfitted with a 450 HP Allison Automatic Transmission, the last canopy cab produced in the USA and as the twelfth apparatus in the company’s history, it actually cost $10,000 less (fully equipped) than the previous eleven units combined!!! With seating for four, it features a 12” rear dump, side dumps, two 1-3/4” crosslays, 1,000’ of 5” LDH supply line, a 3,500 gallon folding tank, two 15’ sections of suction hose & drafting equipment. After 20 years of service, the rig underwent a light refurbishment  in 2009 with the undercarriage re-painted, replacement of diamond plate and the addition of aluminum wheels. The company’s specialty is “moving water” - accordingly, this rig has responded for water supply operations as far away as 30 minutes south into the neighboring state of Delaware.

Engine 45-2 - 2003 Pierce Dash 4x4 1750 gpm/500 gal.

Responding first due, it features an 8 man cab (5 with SCBA & 8 spare cylinders) and is equipped with four pre-connects (100’ 1-3/4” in the front bumper, two 300’ 1-3/4” & one 2-1/2”), 300’ of 2-1/2” connected to a Blitzfire monitor, 1,250’ of 5” LDH, a 5” gated manifold with (4) 2-1/2” discharges & two sections each of 8’ & 10’ suction hose. It also features 600’ of forestry hose, assorted extinguishers, an electric submersible pump, a 200’ cord reel, 18” chain & vent saws, gas positive pressure & electric negative pressure fans, a thermal imager, gas meter & an AED. For rescue operations, it carries an 18 volt DeWalt tool set (hammer drill, impact wrenches, reciprocating/circular saws & grinder), assorted size cribbing & rescue struts (while the company does not perform extrication, they are bordered by the three departments that operate heavy rescues in Lancaster County Zone 4).      

Special thanks to Chief Doug Brubaker for his assistance in arranging this photo shoot as well as Engineer Jake Brubaker for positioning the apparatus & providing background information on the company’s operations.

Lancaster County Station 45

Formally chartered in 1916, Kinzer serves a residential/commercial area along the Route 30 corridor including an Amish farming community. Fifty members (about 3/4 who are Amish) provide Fire & Rescue protection to Paradise Township answering an average of 115 alarms annually.