Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department

Organized in 1912, the MLFD serves a ten square mile response area protecting the communities of Manhasset, Lake Success, Great Neck, New Hyde Park and the Villages of Russell Gardens & University Gardens. Their response area includes two major hospitals, ten schools, two miles of shorefront, the Long Island Expressway, Northern State Parkway and Town Hall. Responding to over 2,000 alarms annually, the MLFD’s 255 volunteers operate from five stations with a fleet of 8 engines, 4 aerials (two 93’ mid-mount tower ladders, a 75’ rear mount quint & a 105’ rear mount ladder), 3 heavy rescues, 2 ambulances and several support vehicles. The dept. maintains its’ own maintenance shop and cascade system to service their apparatus fleet as well as the 150 SCBA and spare cylinders.

Engine 8735 - 2000 KME Renegade 1500 gpm/500 gal./20 gal. foam

Assigned to Co# 3, this rig features a 10 man cab with 8 SCBA’s and a thermal imager. It is equipped with three 1 3/4” pre-connects (250’, 300’ & 350’), 500’ of 2 1/2”, a 150’ 2 1/2” pre-connect on top of an additional 250’, a 150’ 1 3/4” rear foam pre-connect, a booster line and 1,000’ of 5” LDH.

Tower Ladder 8744 (“West End Truckin”) - 1999 Spartan/ LTI 93’ Mid-Mount

Responding from Co# 4 in the west end, Ladder 8744 is one of two aerial apparatus assigned to the company (as well as a 2008 Smeal 105’ rear mount aerial). It is equipped with 10,000 watts of floodlights, 189’ of ground ladders, 17 assorted hooks & pike poles, multiple saws, a multi-gas detector, thermal imager, RIT pack and 100’ of 1 3/4” hose carried in a “dead load” in the bucket.

Engine 8756 - 1997 KME Excel 1500 gpm/500 gal.

Formerly assigned to Co# 4, Engine 8756 now serves Co# 5. Equipped with a 10 man cab & rear mounted booster reel, it features a custom interior cab mounted pump panel.

One of five MLFD stations, Station 3 serves the Thomaston section of Great Neck with two engines, a heavy rescue and two ambulances answering over 475 alarms annually.

The MLFD has a history of operating very unique apparatus - in the 1980’s, Co# 2 operated two very distinct aerial devices. These included a 1980 Howe-Grumman/LTI 100’ tiller with a Kenworth over-the-road tractor with sleeper cab converted to a crew seating area and a tillerman’s cab with a hydraulic enclosure (the trailer is still in service today as an active reserve ladder with the Hilton Head Island FD in South Carolina). In addition, they also operated a 125’ Calavar FireBird, one of very few to see service on the East Coast.









Quint 8728 (“Valley Truckin’ Co”) - 2003 Spartan/Crimson 75’/1500 GPM/500 gal.

Assigned to Co# 2 protecting the east end of the district, Quint 8728 is one of two aerial apparatus operated by the company (as well as a 1999 Spartan/LTI 93’ tower ladder). It is equipped with a 10KW generator, three 1-3/4” pre-connects, an 1-3/4” bumper mounted attack line, 400’ of 2-1/2” attack line & 500’ of 3” hose.