Organized in 1907, “The Bulldogs” provide Fire, Rescue & ALS level EMS protection to a rural residential area on the North Shore of Long Island’s East End. Operating from a single station, 120 volunteers respond to an average of 550-600 alarms annually. The department maintained a “unyque” tradition of establishing each new apparatus as a company until reorganizing several years ago as individual engine, truck & hose companies. Mattituck holds several distinctions including having the New York State Fireman of the Year in both 1973 and 1974 as well as appearing on a segment of the TV show Rescue 911 in the early 1990’s following the successful resuscitation of a young boy buried while tunneling through a sand castle pile on the beach.








Engine 8-6-3 - 1994 KME 1250 gpm/1000 gal.

“The Original Bulldog Co.” was formed in 1957 when the dept. bought a new GMC engine. It was replaced in 1972 with a Ford C/Young pumper which served for 22 years, Responding to fires & haz-mat incidents, it seats six and is equipped with 650’ of 5” LDH, 800’ of 2-1/2” attack line, five Scott SCBA with one hour bottles, a 5,000 watt generator, 12” chain saw & 36’ extension ladder.

Engine 8-6-6 - 2001 International 4x4/KME Urban Interface 1000 gpm/500 gal.

Engine Company 8-6-6 was formed in the mid 1960’s by a group of senior members (most of whom were ex-chiefs) - a fellow member referred to the company members as “old rags” hence the nickname of “Rags” given to their rig. After utilizing “hand-me-down” rigs (1946 Ward LaFrance & 1957 GMC), the company received a 1982 GMC/Ranger engine which saw service for nearly twenty years including during the 1995 Sunrise Wildfires (the second largest fire in New York State’s history). The current “Rags” features a short wheelbase with four wheel drive, pump & roll capability, a bumper turret, front mount winch and a FoamPro system with a 40 gallon capacity. Responding for primary fire attack, brush fires and auto accidents, it is equipped with six Scott SCBA and 5” LDH supply line.

Engine 8-6-2 - 1991 Pierce Lance 1250 gpm/750 gal./20 gal. foam

Originally established as Reliable Engine Co# 2, this company and their rigs have evolved into their present day role as the department’s heavy rescue. Assigned a 1946 Ward LaFrance with a demand valve resuscitator as its’ first “rescue” equipment, the company later received a 1969 Ford C/Young engine when newly formed Engine Company 8-6-6 (“Rags) was formed. While a standard engine, this rig was equipped with a “Porta-Power” hand operated rescue tool as well as a Target electric powered saw. Twenty two years later when the truck was retired in 1991, it was considerably overloaded with modern rescue equipment including an electric powered Hurst extrication tool, rams and air tools.

The present Engine 8-6-2 was designed and built over a period of more than a year in an effort to accommodate the present day equipment but also for future storage needs (the rig is now nearing maximum capacity). It features a 25kw hydraulic generator, Hurst electric power unit, 12,000 pound winch and an on-board air system with 250’ of 3/8” air hose. For rescue operations, it is equipped with a complete Hurst extrication tool system including three gas power units supplying 32” & 40” spreaders, a Maverick combi-tool, “O” & x-Tractor series cutters and three rams. In addition, it also carries electric & battery powered reciprocating saws, an air powered “wizzer saw”, air chisel and four air bags. Its’ firefighting equipment complement includes six SCBA, three pre-connects (two 1-3/4”, one 2-1/2”), 800’ of 2-1/2” supply line, assorted saws (chain, Partner & Echo “Quickie Vent”), gas & heat detectors and a thermal imager complete with a remote viewing base station.

After 21 years of active frontline service, the department is exploring replacement of this rig within the next few years and is considering their options for either a rescue engine or heavy duty rescue.

Engine 8-6-1 - 2007 Spartan Gladiator Classic /Saulsbury 1500 gpm/750 gal./CAFS

Company# 1 known as “Dependable Engine Co.” was formed upon the department’s inception in 1907. Responding for primary fire attack, this rig replaced a 1985 Ford C/Ladders Towers Inc. engine which held the distinction of being the only Class A pumper LTI ever built. Delivered in 2007 to commemorate the dept’s 100th anniversary, this rig is well maintained by an ex-chief who cares for the apparatus as “his baby”.    

Water Supply 8-6-4 - 1995 Freightliner/3D Manufacturing 1000 gpm

Operating as a water supply piece, this rig was placed into service when electric well pumps were present in the district prior to hydrants becoming more commonplace. Equipped with a front mount pump for ease in drafting from electric wells & static water sources, it is equipped with 1,500’ of 5” LDH as well as 2,450’ of 3” supply line.