Support 8-6-11 - 1990 Ford Super Duty/Pro-Trac Engineering

Providing power & light, this rig is equipped with a 100 watt generator powering electric well pumps and an emergency shelter. It has been used during Hurricane Bob to provide power to the high school being used as a shelter as well as at Ground Zero assisting the FDNY during rescue/recovery efforts. The generator was provided by a friend of the department who had access to military surplus - when ordered, the dept. was uncertain as to exactly how the rig would be laid out because the generator was sent directly to the manufacturer. With 23 years of service logged, the department hopes to remount the body for use as back-up rescue & fire police (traffic control) unit.

Ladder 8-6-8 - 2007 Emergency One 95’/2000 gpm/300 gal.

Known as “High & Mighty”, this rig as the department’s first aerial device dramatically changed the department’s operating procedures. It is equipped with a Hurst cutter & combi-tool.

Tanker 8-6-12 - 1998 Peterbilt/Amthor’s 8,500 gal.

This rig holds the distinction of being one of only two tractor drawn tankers among Long Island’s 181 fire departments (the other is operated by the North Sea FD on the South Shore). It replaced the original tanker which served from 1991-1998 - the original tanker was purchased from Agway, a local agricultural supply company while the Kenworth tractor was donated by A.P. Foster who formerly used it to tow his monster truck known as “Godzilla”. Following a mutual aid response to a large scale wildland incident in the summer of 2012, this rig received an LED warning light upgrade to both enhance its’ visibility and better identify it as an emergency vehicle (while responding, drivers were not yielding to it thinking it was a commercial tanker truck!!).   

Dive Rescue 8-6-15 - 1998 International/Road Rescue/PL Custom

Originally operated as a frontline ambulance for four years, this rig had a “rough ride”, therefore, it was reassigned to the dive team. It was then sent to PL Custom who installed sheet metal walls to provide added durability and extended the CPR seat along the length of the driver’s side of the box for added seating. It is equipped with water/ice rescue equipment including four diver set-ups for rapid donning.

Boat 8-6-10 - 2009 19’ Boston Whaler

Replacing a 2001 rapid deployment inflatable boat (which now serves the neighboring Jamesport FD), this craft features FLIR (forward looking infrared) and soon to be installed radar all of which is wired to the dashboard monitor for easy viewing by the pilot. The department has used this craft during weeklong ocean rescue training modeled after that of the Navy SEALS where victim “pass-offs” are conducted alongside another craft while operating at full throttle. It is equipped with two full diver set ups including spare bottles.

Purchased by the firemen’s association in late 2012, this 1969 AM General was obtained from a friend of a department member who was selling his Vietnam Era collection (trucks, Huey helicopters, etc.). Originally slated for sale to another fire department on Long Island’s East End, it was secured by Mattituck for half the selling price!! Plans are being developed to transform this rig into a combination high water evacuation/wildland firefighting vehicle (“stumpjumper”).

Special thanks to Asst. Chief Erick Haas & Captain James Rugnetta for their hospitality & assistance.