In addition to an inflatable carried atop Engine 331, the department also maintains this rescue boat on a dockside lift for rapid deployment into the waterways surrounding their district and neighboring JFK International Airport.









Rescue 333 - 2005 Spartan Gladiator Evolution/Crimson

Seating six, this compact rig was designed to fit inside a cramped firehouse as well as negotiate tight streets. Featuring a command post in the crew cab, it is equipped for all rescue disciplines with a full set of Amkus extrication tools, generator, compressor, water rescue & haz-mat mitigation supplies.

Engine 332 - 1991 Emergency One 1500 gpm/500 gal./75 gal. foam

Responding first due, it is equipped with a Amkus combi- tool for extrication.

Engine 331 - 1985 Ford/Emergency One 1500 gpm/500 gal.

This rig is due to be replaced in 2013 with a 78’ quint to better protect the district’s changing commercial landscape which necessitates the need for an aerial device.

Special thanks to Asst. Chief Kevin Carrero for his assistance in positioning the apparatus and providing background information on the department’s operations.

The original firehouse since the department’s founding in 1946, Meadowmere Park manages to squeeze two engines, a heavy rescue & an ambulance into this station which is at a premium for space.

Organized in 1946, the Meadowmere Park FD provides Fire, Rescue & BLS level EMS protection to a waterfront community located approximately 1/8 of a mile from the neighboring NYC borough of Queens. Forty volunteers responding to an average of 200-300 alarms annually protect a mixed district of waterfront homes and a commercial section.

Meadowmere Park Fireman’s Memorial Field

Originally created in 1974, this memorial park has a 9/11 memorial constructed of steel beams recovered from the World Trade Center. This monument holds particular significance to the members of Meadowmere Park as they lost one of their own members, Captain Thomas Jurgens, on 9/11 while in the performance of his duties as a NYS court officer. May his service & dedication to the residents of Meadowmere Park and all those he served in his career position never be forgotten.

SQUEEZE...tight quarters make for skilled chauffeurs with this pocket door off the truck bay leading to the second floor.