Engine 122 (“Double Deuce”) - 2005 KME 2000 gpm/2000 gal./150 gal. foam

Responding first due, this rig features an enclosed pump panel in the crew cab. It is equipped with Hurst extrication tools, a light tower and cascade system.

Engine 128 (“Terminator II) - 1900 KME 2000 gpm/1500 gal./50 gal. foam

Serving the Town of Wallkill, Mechanicstown FD protects a 14.7 square mile response encompassing Interstate 84, Route 17 and the Galleria Mall. Twenty active volunteers provide Fire & Technical Rescue protection answering an average 800-900 alarms annually.








Truck 121 (“21 Truck”) - 2002 KME 100’/2000 gpm/500 gal.

Squad 23 (“In Squad We Trust”) - 2003 Ford F-550/KME 300 gal.

Formerly equipped with Hurst extrication tools & wildland equipment, this rig is being reassigned strictly for wildland firefighting response.

Special thanks to AC Guiseppe Cavaliere, Lt. James Dolan & Fire Police Lt. Kevin Babcock for their assistance in positioning the apparatus for photos and providing information on the department’s operations.

Rescue 119 (“The Extricator”) - 1994 Spartan/Saulsbury

Seating 6, it features a command center with an assortment of radios in the crew cab.

Rescue 117 (“Taz’s Toolbox”) - 2010 Kenworth/Morgan

Equipped for collapse & trench rescue, this rig features a custom work area complete with a cutting station, fridge & microwave. In addition, it carries a large assortment of shoring and trench panels along with rescue struts & power tools.