Protecting a diverse response area including the high speed roadways of Interstate 84 & Route 17 as well as the Galleria shopping mall, Mechanicstown FD places an emphasis on fire police operations to address these unique target hazards with particular focus on both traffic & crowd control.

M-124 - 2007 GMC Topkick 5500/KME

The “mother of all fire police vehicles”, this truly custom unit was designed to meet the specific traffic control needs of Mechanicstown’s response area with maximum operator safety in mind. The crew cab provides seating for 5 members with a recessed area on both sides allowing members to deploy/retrieve traffic cones from the safety of the body. A total of three video cameras (one rear and one on each side of the body viewing the cone deployment area) are visible through an LCD monitor in the cab while “open mic” headsets allow communication between crew members (in the event a driver penetrates their safety zone, members can instantly alert the crew as well as the incident commander without the need to “key up” their radio). Other notable features of this rig include a 7,500 watt PTO generator (which sounds like a jet engine when it revs up!!), 3,000 watt light tower, folding electronic signboard and even a small refrigerator!!    

Visibility and identification are of high importance for MFD’s fire police. Each member is issued an ANSI compliant vest/jacket/pants, tactical vest with embroidered name tag (worn during public events off the roadway) and helmet (you gotta love those motorcycle helmets with flames!!).

Fully equipped for traffic & crowd control, the rig is stocked with rechargeable flashlights with traffic wands, rolls of scene tape, snap-on signs for fold-up traffic barriers, flares and even an electric reel with junction box to light the scene.

The rear of the rig features chevron safety striping, a folding directional arrow signboard, rear view camera and assorted traffic control barriers & signs for road closures and crowd control.

The rear compartments carries a total of ten fold-up barriers (particularly useful at the mall for traffic/crowd control), five collapsible traffic control signs (with various titles) and an assortment of fire extinguishers.

There’s a new sheriff in town (Mechanicstown, that is) and his name is Beuford “Taz” Justice!! Taz, dressed in full fire police garb keeps a watchful eye over the members from all sides of the rig.

Special thanks to Lt. Palmer & Ex-Chief Guardino for the detailed information they provided on this truly unique rig as well as their unit’s operations.








Fire Police M-116 (“The Maltese Militia”) - 1997 Dodge

This rig acts as a support vehicle to the larger first response fire police vehicle shown above.