Montauk Fire Department

Located in Suffolk County, Montauk is affectionately referred to as “The End” as it is the easternmost point of Long Island. Responding annually to 800+ alarms (600 EMS/280 Fire), 110 volunteers provide Fire, Rescue & ALS level EMS transport. A popular summertime destination, the district includes a variety of hazards including private dwellings, large multi-story homes, oceanfront resorts, commercial occupancies (storefronts), a state park and the famous landmark Montauk Point Lighthouse. Off-road & beachfront access for both firefighting and rescue necessitates the department to have several four wheel drive capable apparatus including a small brush truck, hose truck and heavy rescue as well as a 5 ton “stumpjumper” for wildland firefighting.

The MFD operates their entire apparatus fleet out of this large station with six double bays. 

Engine 9-3-4 - 2005 Pierce Saber 1500 gpm/1000 gal.

Engine 9-3-1 - 1995 Pierce Lance 1500 gpm/500 gal.

Engine 9-3-3 - 1991 International 4x4/Marion 1000 gpm

Equipped with 4WD for beachfront access, it carries 4,800’ of 5” LDH for establishing a positive water supply.

Tanker 9-3-7 - 2000 International/Pierce 1500 gpm/3500 gal.

Tanker 9-3-5 - 1993 Mack EconoDyne 1500 gpm/4000 gal.

Although more hydrants have been added in recent years, the MFD still brings a LOT of water with them!!!









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Copyright 2009 Tom Rinelli

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Special thanks to Co. 2 Captain Joe Lenahan, Ex-Chief Pete Joyce & Safety Officer Allan Burke for their assistance in positioning the apparatus, providing specs on the rigs & background on the department’s operations.