North Merrick Fire Department

Located on the south shore of Nassau County, the department protects a residential/commercial area including a stretch of the Southern State Parkway, a major east/west thoroughfare. One hundred volunteers (85 fire/15 EMS) respond to 1,200 alarms annually providing Fire, Rescue & ALS level EMS transport services. Nearly half of North Merrick’s members are certified as Emergency Medical Technicians at the Basic, Critical Care & Paramedic levels thereby guaranteeing the availability of a trained technician on every call.

Engine 672 (Retired) - 1990 Spartan/FMC 1000 gpm/500 gal.

Retired in 2011 with the Crimson engine shown above, this rig was the second to last FMC brand fire apparatus ever produced (the last FMC was delivered later that day to the Kings Park FD in neighboring Suffolk County where it still operates to this day).  

Rescue 678 (“Eight Is Enough”) - 2009 Spartan/Rescue1

Equipped with a light tower, this rig is the first on Long Island to utilize Genesis extrication tools.

Engine 671 - 2004 Spartan/Emergency One 2000 gpm/750 gal./300B/30A

Operating as a squad, it is equipped with a Hurst extrication tool and 100 lbs. of speedy dry.








Ladder 673 (“Tower of Terror”) - 2001 Spartan/American LaFrance/LTI

This rig responds as a mutual aid Firefighter Assist & Search Team (FAST).

1951 White/Pirsch 500 gpm/300 gal.

Equipped with a surplus Type 5D pump (one of only 3 made), this rig had a twin delivered in 1952 with the only difference being a solid booster reel. Sold to Pine Bush and later Montgomery (both in Orange County, NY), it was returned to the department in 2003 where it had the pump sandblasted and restored for its’ first parade in 2006 at the opening of the Nassau County Firefighters Museum and then the department’s 50th anniversary celebration. North Merrick also received a 1951 White/Pirsch 55’ aerial which was later sold in the mid 1960’s to the Terryville FD in neighboring Suffolk County. It served until 1971 when it was then sold to Callicoon, New York where it served for 20 years before returning to Terryville (20 years later to the day) where it remains today fully restored.

Engine 672 - 2011 Spartan/Crimson 2000 gpm/500 gal.

Seating eight (7 withSCBA), this rig is equipped with a light tower & hydraulic generator. A “unyque” feature is a control head mounted in a compartment in the rear of the cab for radios, air conditioning & other key features which can be operated by the pump operator on the top mount pump panel walkway.