North Queensbury Vol. Fire Co.

Located on the South East shore of the renowned Lake George, North Queensbury’s 50 volunteers provide Fire, Technical Rescue & EMS first response to a primarily residential area. Covering 39 miles of shorefront,the NQVFC maintains a fleet of water rescue craft to perform water/ice rescue including ice diving for the numerous visitors to the area.

Engine 325 - 1999 Spartan/Saulsbury 1500 gpm/1000 gal.

Responding first due, it is equipped with both class A & B foam, five pre-connects, 1,200’ of 5” LDH supply line as well as a hydraulic generator, 3,000 watt light tower & Hurst combi-tool.

Engine 327 - 2002 Ford F-550/Saulsbury 1000 gpm/200 gal./30A

Designed to establish a water source at lakes & ponds, this little rig packs quite a punch. Its’ impressive features includes four 6” electric valves allowing draft from all sides, electronically controlled discharges, an 8KW hydraulic generator with a 100’ cord reel, a 3,000 watt light tower, 12,000 lb. front mounted winch and a 5,000 lb. portable winch with 3 receiver positions. It is equipped with 500’ of 5” supply line, 700’ of forestry hose, 4 pre-connects (two 1-3/4”, two 3”), a portable generator with floodlight as well as EMS & forestry equipment.

Rescue 125 - 1996 Volvo/Saulsbury

Equipped with a 12 man cab, this rig features an extended front bumper complete with Hurst extrication tools, a 48kw split shaft generator, two 6,000 watt light towers, eight reels (four 100’ Hurst, three 250’ electric & one 100’ air), an on-board air system to power airbags/chisels and a 5,000 lb. portable winch with 3 receiver positions. Its’ equipment cache includes pre-connected & portable Hurst extrication tools, water/ice & rope rescue gear, an MCI disaster kit, 10 backboards and EMS supplies.

Engine Tanker 326 - 1988 Ford C/S&S 1250 gpm/1250 gal.

Acting as a water supply, it is equipped with an 8” rear dump, five pre-connects & 1,200’ of 5” supply line. This rig was replaced in 2010 with a tandem axle Pierce Arrow XT 2000 GPM pumper tanker.

North Queensbury also operates a 2001 Ford Excursion for EMS first response, a 1996 Polaris 6x6 ATV for wildland firefighting & rescue as well as a 12’ inflatable rescue boat and a 23 foot former sheriff’s patrol boat. The inflatable is transported on a trailer equipped with cold water survival suits, throw bags, tether lines and other water/ice rescue equipment.