Terrace Hose Co. No. 3

Organized June 13, 1928

Serving the northern & eastern sections of Oceanside, “Terrace” prides itself on being “First Due from the North”. Organized in 1928 by twelve charter members who met in a deli, the company originally operated with a model T hose wagon supplying the department’s only engine at the time. In 1931, the company placed their first engine, an American LaFrance into service making them a self sufficient company. “Terrace” holds the distinction of having seven members as ex-chiefs, the most in the entire department!!

Engine 2482 - 2001 Pierce Lance 1500 gpm/500 gal.

Outfitted with the same hose load as Engine 248, it is also equipped with 10 SCBA, multiple extinguishers including Purple K, 30 gallons of AFFF foam, propane burn-off kit and a multi-gas meter.

Engine 248 Dash - 2005 Pierce Dash 1500 gpm/500 gal.

Equipped with 8 SCBA, this rig is ready for battle with a 100’ 1 3/4” bumper line, three 200’ 1 3/4” pre-connects, 600’ of 1 3/4” off the rear, 150’ of 1 3/4” connected with a gate valve to 350’ of 3” supply line, 600’ of 2 1/2” attack line, 1,400’ of 5” LDH, a 200’ electric reel, ventilation fan, CO detector and heat sensor.

The current (and only) firehouse of Terrace Hose 3, it was originally occupied in 1930 as a single garage. In July of 1998, extensive repairs were needed so the company was relocated to headquarters where it shared quarters with Salamander Hook, Ladder & Bucket Co. When it was determined that the cost of repairs was beyond what the company could afford, the building was sold to the fire district in 1999 which completed the work and allowed Terrace to return to their home in August of 2000.

“Terrace” maintains a proud tradition by honoring their past with these memorial monuments. Dedicated in June 2003 on the company’s 75th anniversary, they honor all those members who have served since its’ inception as well as the 343 brother FDNY firefighters who made the supreme sacrifice on 9/11/01.

The department suffered a devastating loss in 2003 when Chief of Department Thomas Bettes passed away unexpectedly. A member of Terrace Hose 3, Chief Bettes’ memory has been forever preserved with a memorial display case (designed & built by a company member) inside Hose 3’s firehouse as well as through a memorial garden located in the back corner of the firehouse grounds.

Terrace’s firehouse is filled with memories of the company’s colorful history.

Welcome to the Home of Engine 248!!

These license plates were “procured” as a keepsake during Terrace’s responses to car fires & other incidents.

Members of Terrace Hose 3 pose for a group photo after extinguishing an outside rubbish fire.

Special thanks to Chief of Department Timmy Biscay for providing the “grand tour” of Oceanside and for positioning the rigs for photos.









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